WFOH-D Radiant Heat Wire

  • Suitable for indoor floor heating and outdoor concrete frost protection;
  • The maximum ambient temperature is 85oF (30oC);
  • Emits Zero EMF Design;
  • Twin-conductor structure supports single point connection;
  • CE, GOST, ATEX, IECEX, and EAC approved;
  • Matches most thermostats in the European and North American Markets;
  • Over 30 years’ service lifetime and 25 years warranty;

Jiahong’s Radiant Heat Cable

Jiahong Radiant Heat Wire is a kind of residential and commercial grade twin conductors’ constant wattage heating cable. It is designed to provide flexible heating options for both indoor floor heating and outdoor concrete frost protection. It is easy and simple to install because you can fix the cable strapping during installation. Jiahong Radiant Heating Wire’s rated voltage is 230v and the diameter is about 4.8~5.6mm. The cable shall have the continuous working temperature up to 30°C and the minimum installation temperature is 5°C. Meanwhile, it is ultra-low EMF (electromagnetic field) by design. The cable can be used for 30 years and it has a 25 years warranty. Every Jiahong Radiant Heating Wires has already been approved by CE, GOST, ATEX, IECEX, and EAC. And all cables are tested according to CSA standards before packing.

Why Jiahong’s Radiant Heat Cable

  • No.1 Heating Cable Exporter in Asia-Pacific;
  • Over 25 Years of Manufacturing Experience;
  • The Third Party Audit and ISO9001 Quality Audit;
  • Technical Support Team Assist Your Product Design;
  • Complete Production Lines Support Fast Delivery;
  • Supports One Stop Source.

Radiant Heat Cable

Jiahong Radiant Heat Cable is a kind of residential and commercial grade twin-conductor floor heating cable.

It is designed to provide a flexible option for both indoor floor heating and outdoor concrete frost protection.

It can be installed in thick concrete to provide heat as a floor heating cable.

And it can also be placed in the concrete building wall to evaporate frozen water.

The cable is very popular in Europe, and it has already been working stably for more than 25 years.

The popular model is 20w/m and the regular length is around 10m to 155m.

Jiahong Radiant Heat Cable heats up through the inner conductor.

The conductor is also its heating resistance.

The whole cable is a complete series of resistance, so it cannot be cut at any circumstances.

The rated voltage is 230V. The cable shall have a continuous working temperature up to 30°C and the minimum installation temperature is 5°C.

Meanwhile, it is ultra-low EMF (electromagnetic field) by design.

The twin conductor structure supports a single-point connection.

Jiahong Radiant Heat Cable consists of two components: heating cable and cold lead.

The cold lead is a 2.5m long regular electric wire with plug.

And the heating cable has 5 layers. The inner conductor is made of tinned copper. The resistance of this tin-plated copper is determined by its shape and length, lowly affected by the ambient temperature. So it is the ideal material for the heating conductor.

The inner conductor insulation is made of TPEE & HDPE which have the characteristics of high temperature and high-pressure resistance.

It can be replaced with Fluoropolymer. The screen layer is tinned copper braid and it can not only absorb 100% electromagnetic radiation but also provides ground protection.

In order to make the braided shield easier, we typically add a layer of bonding between the inner insulation and the braid.

The outer jacket is made of a waterproof material that supports the cable in a humid environment.

This simple mechanism design ensures that the wire can be used stably for more than 30 years.

Each Jiahong Radiant Heat Cable is easy and simple to install because the cable can be shaped.

It can be secured to the aluminum tape and with dove-tail plates or tie-wraps onto the concrete net. Moreover, handy spacer strips are available for fitting directly onto the floor.

For under tile heating cables, the advanced thermostat is necessary because it can adjust the heat output of the cables to maintain the temperature of the floor always at the right temperature.

Meanwhile, using a thermostat can save energy consumption.

Jiahong Radiant Heat Cable is 100% made in our factory.

All raw materials are from our long-term suppliers, and they have to be tested before entering our raw materials warehouse.

When the finished product is manufactured, we randomly test quality according to the CSA standards.

By the way, Jiahong has the only CSA Standards Testing Lab in China.

All Jiahong Electric Heat Cables are approved by CE and EAC certificate.

Besides, we offer a 25-year warranty, which is the longest in the industry.

Jiahong Radiant Heat Cable is generally packed in wooden spools or plastic spools.

And we deliver the cables in a specific length.

You can also customize your own packing types such as the corrugated box.

Our design department is glad to provide professional consultation on appearance and design.

As the largest manufacturer in Asia-Pacific, in addition to providing OEM services, we also accept orders from ODM.

Our experienced engineers are able to help develop any heating cable according to your practical requests.

220VLength (m)Watts (20W/m)AmpsohmsApproximate heat coverage (㎡)
Catalog Number80W/㎡100W/㎡120W/㎡125W/㎡150W/㎡
WFOH/D 200/20102000.92422.521.71.61.3
WFOH/D 300/20153001.4161.33.832.52.42
WFOH/D 400/20204001.8121543.33.22.7
WFOH/D 500/20255002.396.86.354.243.3
WFOH/D 600/20306002.780.77.5654.84
WFOH/D 700/20357003.269.18.875.85.64.7
WFOH/D 850/2042.58503.956.910.
WFOH/D 1000/205010004.548.412.5108.386.7
WFOH/D 1200/206012005.540.31512109.68
WFOH/D 1400/207014006.434.617.51411.711.29.3
WFOH/D 1600/208016007.330.3201613.312.810.7
WFOH/D 1800/209018008.226.922.5181514.412
WFOH/D 2000/2010020009.124.2252016.71613.3
WFOH/D 2200/201102200102227.52218.317.614.7
WFOH/D 2400/20120240010.920.230242019.216
WFOH/D 2600/20130260011.818.632.52621.720.817.3
WFOH/D 2800/20140280012.717.3352823.322.418.7
WFOH/D 3100/20155310014.115.638.83125.824.820.7
Cable spacing(mm) =area(㎡ / length(m) * 1000250200167160133

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