Solve Your Roof & Gutter Ice Dam and Snow Problems

Roof and Gutter Deicing


Heavy Snow and Ice Dam always threat our house’s safety in the winter. A simple but effective solution is to heat the roof, which makes snow and ice melting automatically. Jiahong has 25 years rice experiences to provide related heating cables to solve roof and gutter deicing problems. The heating cable needs to be laid on the roof in advance, and when the bad weather comes, the circuit can be connected to work normally. then it can help to melt the snow and ice on the roof and gutter.

  • Roof and Gutter Snow Melting
  • Ice Dam Melting

Your Professional Roof and Gutter Deicing Solutions

Jiahong have developed two types of pre-assembled heating cables according to UL1588 standard for outdoor snow and ice dam on the roof and gutter:

  • Self Regulating Heating Cables
  • Constant Wattage Heating Cables

Both of them are able to melt the snow and ice dam at not less than -40oC. SR Cable regulates the heat output according to self-surface temperature change. Constant wattage heating cable requires an extra temperature control, but it is more economical and can be used repeatedly for 20 years.

They have already helped many families, companies, and factories solve heavy snow problems in Europe and North America for 25 years.

Self Regulating Heat Trace Cable

9.3mm width SR Roof Heating Cable

Pre-assembled, works individually, can be cut in any length

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Heat Trace Tape

11.0mm width SR Roof Heating Cable

Pre-assembled, can be cut in any length, the overlap is ok

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Deicing Cable 1

Constant Wattage Roof Heating Cable

Pre-assembled, works with temperature control and air humidity detector.

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Why Trust Jiahong’s Roof And Gutter Deicing Heating Cables?

  • No.1 Roof and Gutter Deicing Cables Manufacturer
  • 10 Years Free Warranty;
  • Suitable for North American and European Markets
  • It is convenient to install
  • UL1588 Safety Approve
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