Snow Melting System

What is A Snow Melting System Designed For?


Jiahong is a professional manufacturer of snow melting cables and snow-melting mats.

The electric snow melting system keeps walkways around buildings snow-free, ensuring no slip hazard, no injury to people, and no damage to vehicles and building infrastructure.

You can use this system to

  • Sidewalk
  • Parking Garage
  • Loading and unloading ramps
  • Steps

Jiahong electric snow melting systems can be used in commercial or industrial environments with significantly lower installation and operating costs than plumbing systems.

You can use snow melting cable or mat on various grounds, including concrete, asphalt, and paving materials. When used with an intelligent controller, the heat tracing cable produces only the right amount of heat on demand.

Similar plumbing systems also have the potential to leak environmentally unsafe liquids underground. Electric heat tracing systems do not pose this risk. Therefore, the electric heat tracing system has become an environmentally-friendly choice.

  • Mom and baby sit on the warm floor

Hot Snow Melting Mats And Snow Melting Cables

Membrane Floor Heating Cable

Roof & Gutter Snow Melting Cable

Loose floor heating cable for membrane installation

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Floor Warming Cable 1

Driveway/walkway Snow Melting Mat

Floor Heating Cables for North American, Strap Installation

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floor warming mat

Heated Rubber Mat Snow Melting Mat

Floor Heating Mats for North American Markets

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Why Jiahong’s Floor Heating System Was

Trust By Well-Known Brands In Floor Heating Fields

  • No.1 Floor Heating Cables and Mats’ Producer
  • 30 Years Lifetime with 25 Years Free Warranty
  • Suitable for North American and European Markets
  • Develop and Make Temperature Controls Independently
  • It is convenient to install
  • CE and CSA Safety Approve
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Why Import Snow Melting Cables From Jiahong?

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