Industrial Heat Tracing

Industrial Heat Tracing


Some industrial and chemical process only works at a specific temperature; some pipes and equipment require antifreeze. Industrial heat tracing brings an economical but effective heating solution to these problems. It is designed to output the heat to the industrial process or industrial equipment to maintain the process or heat the equipment.

For example, In thermal power plants, we need to maintain the desulfurized pipeline at a constant temperature to separate harmful substances. On ships, our electric industrial heat tracing provides safe temperature maintenance for equipment and piping to ensure proper operation of the ship.

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Your Professional Industrial Heat Tracing Solutions

In Winter, Jiahong has various Industrial heat tracing solutions to pipes, tanks, and other machines’ equipment in both hazardous and non-hazardous areas. For Industrial Pipes, we provide a complete range of heat tracing solution including pipe maximum length to 10KM. Jiahong Self Regulating Heat Tracing Cables can be used to oil tanks and other storage tanks. It protects these tanks from freezing.

On the aspect of industrial process maintenance, Jiahong provides low temperature, medium temperature, high temperature, and super high-temperature solution. The low-temperature heating cable provides maximum maintain the temperature at 65oC; The Medium temperature heating cable provides maximum maintain the temperature at 110oC; The High-temperature heating cable provides maximum maintain the temperature at 120oC; The Super High-temperature heating cable provides maximum maintain the temperature at 190oC;

Jiahong Industrial heat tracing cables has been approved by IECEX, CSA, Ex, EAC, UL, and others. And they can be applied to whole Europe and whole America.

What’s more, Jiahong also provides related accessories for industrial heat tracing include Junction box, splice and tee kit, Seal kits and others.

Why Jiahong Industrial Heat Tracing Was

Trust By Most Brands’ Importers in This Field?

  • The No.1 Industrial Heat Tracing Cables Manufacturer
  • Independently Developed PTC element
  • 25 Years Experience on Making and Domestic Project Implementation
  • Complete Ranges of Industrial Heat Tracing Cables
  • Approved by CE, CSA, UL, CSA and other Third Part Institutes;
  • 15 Years Warranty

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