Underfloor Heating Cable

Underfloor Heating Cable

  • Underfloor Heating Cable

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  • Underfloor Heating Cable

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  • Underfloor Heating Cable

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  • Underfloor Heating Cable


  • Underfloor Heating Cable


Underfloor Heating Cable

  • Many types floor heating cable to fit the various installation.
  • Customize any Heating Wattage based on markets requests;
  • Flexible Installation & Low Maintenance Cost;
  • Complete heating accessories including thermostats, program controller, cable strap and cable monitor.

Jiahong produced and exported heating cables since 2002, and our business already covers 100+ countries. Stable quality, complete product line and better after sales service bring more convenient to you.

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  • Underfloor Heating Cable
  • Underfloor Heating Cable

Heating Cable List

There are Eight different types of indoor underfloor floor heating cables. Electric tile floor heating cable, concrete floor heating cable and inslab heating cable. All of them can be customized output power, color and cable structure. Just send your request and you will receive a reasonable heating solution within 12 hours.

Why Fortune 500 Companies have always

been approving Jiahong’s Underfloor Heating Cables?
  • Manufacture and export the heating cable more than 20 years;
  • Complete Test Reports for Europe and America;
  • Own Complete quality control regulations;
  • Support One-Stop Sourcing;
  • Professional Logistic Service Support.

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Jiahong underfloor heating cable is usually used to electric floor heating systems. It can be used under tile, concrete, inslab and so on.  Bring warmth to your bathroom, kitchen room, living room and so on.

Flexible to install

Jiahong floor heating cable is flexible to install because you can easily lay the cable anywhere based on the real room shape. Such as the walking corridor, the stairs, the bathroom.

Suitable for both Wet & Dry Places The IPX7 waterproof help you install the electric underfloor heating system in the wet or dry location. It is safe.

Different  Voltage for different market
Just share the voltage you need, Jiahong will share the right radiant floor heating system for you. In America, the voltage is 120v or 240v. In some Europe area, the local voltage is 230v.

Room Size

Deduct the furniture area and then get the heating area. Use the heating cable that is smaller than your real heating area.

If the heating area is bigger than your heating cable, extend the cable space.

Cable Wattage

Cable wattage also called heating wattage per meter, is often used to measure the heat required in every unit room. Normally the data is ranged from 10 ~ 20 w/m(3.0 ~6.0w/ft).

Structure & Feature

Jiahong underfloor heating cable can convert 100% of electric energy to the heat. No waste. The cable is a constant wattage structure, which keeps the heat output the same even though the ambient temperature was changed. Get a thermostat to control the temperature you like.

Special Request

You can customize the products according to your requests. Both ODM and OEM ways are available.

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