• Smart Thermostat #ET-82W
  • Smart Thermostat #ET-82W
  • Smart Thermostat #ET-82W
  • Smart Thermostat #ET-82W
  • Smart Thermostat #ET-82W
  • Smart Thermostat #ET-82W
  • Smart Thermostat #ET-82W
  • Smart Thermostat #ET-82W

Smart Thermostat #ET-82W

ET-82 Smart Thermostat adopts a 4.3” large screen, and it is suitable for water floor heating systems and electric floor heating systems. ET82 thermostat controller is welcomed in the Europe, Australia and New Zealand.

  • VA Screen, Color Display, Touch Key, Support Wi-Fi Function; Work with Alexa and Google home.
  • Secure Back Cover, Top-class Relay, Suitable For Europe, Australia and New Zealand Cassette;
  • Free WarmmeTMApp Available in Apple Store and Android Market;
  • Small MOQ and 10 Days Fast Delivey

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Color screen full touch thermostat

ET-82 full touch smart thermostat, do the setting on the screen, like your Iphone usage.  Radiant and hydronic heating controller adopts top-class hardware, and it includes VA Color Screen, durable relay, and self-developed secure back cover.

It works with Alexa and google. Good support to your smart life.

Open the Eco design function such as window detection and adaptive function to learn your habit. And then ET82 full touch screen thermostat make the temperature right to your setting on time.

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Features and Functions

Two Versions Available: With Wi-Fi Module Or Without Wi-Fi Module;

Warmme APP Assist You To Set The Thermostat Remotely;

Three modes for the end user to operate:

Auto mode: It is the default mode. Thermostat runs according to event parameters set in Event Setting to save energy.

Manual mode: Thermostat will run with the set temperature for ever.

’Holiday mode: Thermostat will run with the set temperature until the holiday

time ends.

New User Operation Guide Program.

Air Sensor and Floor Sensor.

Color Screen, VA Screen, Large screen, Touch Key.

Overheating Protection, Prevent the Floor from Being Damaged;

Controlled by Smart Phone By WiFi Connection;

Programmable, 7/5+1+1 Day Programming;

℃OR℉ Display Alternative;

Key-lock Function.

Adaptive function: After several days of installation and use, Adaptive function

ensures that the required temp has already been reached when the next event begins.

 Open window: This function only works when room sensor or both sensors is selected.

The thermostat with this function will shut off automatically for 15 min when the window

opens, as it can detect that the room temp plummets.

Energy use: This option allows you to enter the various data used to calculate energy use.

Technical data 

Power Supply Voltage

85V ~265V,50/60Hz

Maximum Switching Current


Temperature Setting Range


Floor temperature limit


Temperature Accuracy


Standby Power


Sensor option

Floor/Air/ Floor and Air



IP Rating


Wire Diameter


Display Screen Function

Time Display, Holiday Function, Key-Lock, Hold function, Frost symbol

Special Request

You can customize the products according to your requests. Both ODM and OEM ways are available.

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