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Heating Cables Costs: 5 Tips Help You Save $10,000 Every Year!



When you import heating cables and related products from your suppliers, the first question you ask maybe “ What is your price of heating cable?”

If you are in this field and heating cables are your long term business, there five tips help you save not less $10,000.

1. Insist on origin procurement

Sourcing the heating cables from resource center may help find the best prices.

You must have heard of the benefits of industrial clusters. If your suppliers locate in a resource city, then they will quickly get related resources at local.

For example, it will be convenient to get the raw materials at a lower price.

JIAHONG locates in a core manufacturing center of heating cables.

WUHU is a historical manufacturing city of electric wires and cables in China. Here there are a series of industrial chain supporting. You may find,

  1. Easy to find the raw materials and accessories;
  2. Less transport freight for all raw materials;

Within One-hour truck time, Tongling is a resource city, where produces copper and other non-ferrous metals.

Both cities in China belong to Anhui Province, which is very important to get the raw materials with a competitive price.

Besides, Jiahong is closed to Shanghai Sea Port, about 6 hours truck time. In China, this is a short distance.

2. Train Your Reliable Supplier.

If you have a reliable supplier, he will save you lots of sourcing cost.

1) Lower Rejection Rate

Your long-term orders will give your suppliers a deeper understanding of your needs. Because they are familiar with your quality requirements and purchasing habits.

For example, Our Jiahong has already built a database for our long-term customers. We will back up all the original technical data and record the problems that occurred in the past orders to reduce communication costs.

2) Lower purchasing cost

To be honest, the cost of maintaining an old customer is much lower than the cost of developing a new customer.

So we are more willing to give discount to old customers, because we can control the cost.

Every year, we prepare raw materials for old customers in advance according to customers’ purchasing habits, which will help us lock in a best price.

3) Reduce Return cost

Your orders will keep our workshop running. So we are also willing to spend more energy to deal with your problems. For example, we will pay more time to work out the technical problems our customers meet.

A long-term customer brings a stable order to the supplier, which allows the supplier to concentrate more on developing new products.

As you know, it is difficult for an old item to get better profit when followers come. So maintaining a continuous developing capability will help you get much better profits.

So keep communicating and let your suppliers understand the changes in your needs and the market. Suppliers are also willing to cooperate with you to launch products more suitable for market demand in real time.

3. Take Care OF Powerful Supplier

Powerful suppliers will take you more opportunities, because we also need a better profit to keep the companies running.

Jiahong is your reliable supplier in this field of heating cables.

  1. The largest scale of production lines;

We have two manufacturing factories. Old factory has a 20,000 square meter and about 300 staff. They produced 90% heating cables in China for exporting.

Comparing to other Chinese Suppliers, we have built up a new smart factory. The factory will support automatic production and inner transportation.

  • 100% original technologies outputs;

As a first supplier of heating cables in China, we started to produce heating cable in 1987 when most Chinese factories didn’t know what heating cables were.

We now have our own technologies accumulation of self-regulating heating cables.  And we can produce all sizes of self-regulating heating cables for all scenarios.

  • Independent R&D team

About 10 years ago, we started to organize our own R&D team.

We not only solve your technical problems, but also develop new products. In recent five year, we issued about 20 different thermostats and many standard home use heating cables.

  • A Complete Range of Approval Certificates.  

Not all suppliers in China, or even in Asia have a powerful support on quality approval as Jiahong. In past 20 years, we studied world markets, especially Europe and America markets. Because we know they represent the highest level requirements in the world.

Powerful Supplier may have lots of advantage, not only previous four tips. You may find,

  • Big storage capability;
  • Urgent Order Handle Capability;
  • Quality Control Capability;
  • Professional Logistic.

4. Purchase Season

Every year, the suppliers may have their sales target.

Generally, the sales amount will be asked to increase 10% to 15% at least every year.

So purchase season will come annually.

If you are familiar with your suppliers, you can release some orders in sale off-season in advance to lock a best offer.

Heating Cables are hot sale in cold seasons for a wholesale, retailer, or supermarkets, but not for a factory.

Hot purchasing season will come in May Or June, because the importers may have lots of time to operate transport the goods.

Therefore, most suppliers release a lots of discount at the end of year for their customers. Then you can pay a little deposit to lock the prices.

(Please do not tell my boss, I am afraid that I will be fired.)

5. Professional Logistic

Our Customers would not pay more attention on their freight, because they usually ignore the risk of the transportation.

Actually, it has a big risk.

Every year, there are 18655 ships involved, 253 ships lost. This trend do not change this year.

How to solve this problem?

We think a professional logistic staff will help you save a lot of unnecessary losses.

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