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  • Create heat tracing environment for the industrial process;
  • Prevent civil facilities and equipment from freezing;
  • Can provide precise temperature control with thermostat;
  • Flexible to install with a lower cost;
  • It is available to custom the cable based on a specific request;
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Product Identification:
Product: Thermostat
models :ET-6AW ,ET-61,ET61W,ET-62,ET-62W, ET-81 ,ET-6A, ET-81W, ET-82, ET-82W, ET-82 ,ET-83Z ,ET-85, ET-85W, MT26 ,ST16 ,TT16 ,ET-16,ET85Z,ET61H

There are 20 Thermostats in this time, of which the main test model is:ET-6AW ; The remaining 19 thermostats are reported(ET-61,ET61W,ET-62,ET-62W, ET-81 ,ET-6A, ET-81W, ET-82, ET-82W, ET-82 ,ET-83Z ,ET-85, ET-85W, MT26 ,ST16 ,TT16 ,ET-16,ET85Z,ET61H),The reported thermostat is the same as the main test model ET-6AW , except that the model is different, the screen is different, and other parts are the same.
For the full RED DoC file, Please download it as follow web: Operation frequency: 24012-2472MHz, Max output:


Self-regulating Heating Cable, 65°C Maintenance Temperature;

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Self-regulating Heating Cable, 110°C Maintenance Temperature;

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Self-regulating Heating Cable, 120°C Maintenance Temperature;

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Self-regulating Heating Cable, 190°C Maintenance Temperature;

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Mini D

Constant Wattage Heating Cable, Twin-conductor, Floor Heating Uses;

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HX Cable


Constant Wattage Heating Cable, Twin-conductor, Outdoor Snow Melting;

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Parallel Circuit Heating Cable, 205°C Maximum Maintenance Temperature;

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Series-resistance Heating Cable, Single-, twin-, Tri- conductor are available;

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Floor Heating Cables

Jiahong underfloor heating cables are your perfect choice for electric floor heating solutions in new construction, remodeling or retrofit projects. The cables are usually installed under most types of flooring, including tiles, wood, laminate, and carpet, to provide the warm heat to your feet.

You’re confident to customize our heating cables and launch them in all regions because we have already got all the necessary approvals such as UL, CE, and EAC, etc.

Roof & Gutter Deicing Cables

Jiahong roof & gutter deicing cables are designed for snow and ice melting on the roof and gutter, to keep a drain path for water to flow freely away from the house. You can directly get the two types of pre-assembled heating cables from us with a small MOQ:

  • Easy to install;
  • Plug & Play.

Built-in thermostat or self-regulating feature will automatically heat output, which will save your energy bill. Inquiry Now!

Pipe Freeze Protection Cable is on the water pipe

Are you still worried about the freezing of the water pipes? Jiahong pipe freeze protection cables provide two different solutions to deal with this problem.

  • In-pipe Heating Cable: put the cable directly in the pipe;
  • On-pipe Heating Cable: install the cable on the pipe.

The two cable solutions can be widely applied to metal, PVC and ceramic pipes, sprinkler systems and sewer drains. Inquiry Now!

Heating Cables in walk path

Electric snow melting systems can keep walkways, parking garage / loading ramps, stairways and other areas free of snow and ice to help prevent slip hazards. Jiahong snow melting cables offer a smart and simple solution to keep our houses dry and safe during the winter season. Inquiry Now!

Industrial Heat Tracing Cables on Tanks

Jiahong industrial heat tracing cables can provide heat to two different applications with maximum maintenance temperature range 150F(65°C ) to 375F (190°C) :

  • Industrial Process Maintenance;
  • Industrial Pipe and Tank Heat Tracing.

If you have any heat tracing requests in these areas including Chemical and Pharmaceutical, Food and Beverage, Marine, Mining, Oil and Gas, Power, Please do not hesitate to send us an inquiry.

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No.1 Heating Cable Exporter in Asia-Pacific Over 25 Years Manufacturing Experience No.1 Heating Cable Exporter in Asia-Pacific Over 25 Years Manufacturing Experience
No.1 Heating Cable Exporter in Asia-Pacific Over 25 Years Manufacturing Experience No.1 Heating Cable Exporter in Asia-Pacific Over 25 Years Manufacturing Experience
No.1 Heating Cable Exporter in Asia-Pacific Over 25 Years Manufacturing Experience No.1 Heating Cable Exporter in Asia-Pacific Over 25 Years Manufacturing Experience
No.1 Heating Cable Exporter in Asia-Pacific Over 25 Years Manufacturing Experience No.1 Heating Cable Exporter in Asia-Pacific Over 25 Years Manufacturing Experience
No.1 Heating Cable Exporter in Asia-Pacific Over 25 Years Manufacturing Experience No.1 Heating Cable Exporter in Asia-Pacific Over 25 Years Manufacturing Experience

Heating Cables: The Definitive Guide For Importers


Heating cables are essential for the maintenance of a pipe and vessel temperature. As such, before going ahead to purchase any product, there is a need to understand the product and the things you should look out for when buying the product.

Therefore, buying a heating cable is not an exception, and as a result of this, we have put together everything you need to get the best heating cable.
Heating Cables

Graphic: Heating Cables

This guide will teach you how to choose heating cable and how to find a reliable supplier in China.


Chapter 1: What are heating cables?

1.1 What is a heating cable?

A heating cable like the name represents is a cable that gets heated once current goes through it.

It is also known as a heat trace cable or a heat cable.

You can use the heating cable for different purposes, which include freeze protection, pipe heat tracing, temperature process maintenance, viscosity control, roof & gutter Deicing, amongst others.


1.2 Types of heating cables


Heating cables come in different types. The types include:

  • Self-regulating heating cable
  • Constant wattage heating cable

Heating Cable Features Self-Regulating VS Constant Wattage

Graphic: Heating Cable Features Self-Regulating VS Constant Wattage

1.2.1 Self Regulating Heating Cable


The self-regulating heating cable is often for frost protection and to maintain the constant temperatures of pipes, vessels, receptacles, and gutters.

Self-regulate heat cable regulates the heat output according to ambient temperature change

For example, ambient temperature is up, and then the inner circuit starts to disconnect till complete disconnect/ ambient temperature drops, then the inner circuit starts to connect till complete connect.

How does heating cable work

This cable can perform this function because the jackets of the cable, they provide mechanical and chemical protection.

However, the magic happens thanks to the conductive coil that surrounds the tube.

So, as the ambient temperature drops, the coil contracts microscopically, and the number of electrical powers through the coil increases, which leads to the production of more heat.

Equally, as the ambient temperature rises, the coil expands and as less electrical power leading it to produce less heat.

At a specific temperature, it disrupts almost all electrical powers, and power output is close to zero.

Self-regulating heating cable adjusts its power output along its entire length, and this makes it a safe and reliable heating cable.

Installation of Heating Cables

Graphic: Installation of Heating Cables(Wiring Graph)

However, kindly note that except for the connections, the heating cable could submerge to fluids.

If one makes use of the heating cable in an aggressive environment (which is the chemical or petrochemical industry), then, the heating cable is broken with a unique chemically resistant outer jacket known as a fluoropolymer.

Self-regulating cable provides different functions which are:

  • It does not lead to overheating that can lead to damage: This is because as it gets hot, and it gives room for progressively less electricity to flow, until some point. However, at some point, it can produce a shallow temperature that can lead to damage to the cable. As a result, this makes electricity to stop flowing entirely, and the cable stops heating up.
  • They are economically viable: This is because they are available at different power levels; therefore, they can adequately adapt to their respective tasks.
  • Also, there is no need for costly regulation with technology sensors, which is a good one.


1.2.2 Constant Wattage Heating Cable


They are used in frost protection and for temperature regulation. The constant wattage heating cables are flexible, but they are not suitable for overlapping.

Also, its continuous output makes it the best choice for higher temperature applications where higher watt densities are vital.

Benefits of using constant wattage heating cables are:

  • They are easy to use.
  • It is long-lasting.
  • It provides a high-power output at high temperatures
  • It offers a cost-effective substitute where benefits of self-regulating trace heating cables are not required.
  • It also reduces the number of circuits available for voltages up to 400 Vac.

1.3 How does heating cable work?


The heating cable works by connecting a voltage through a length of wire, which disperse a static level of power.

The power produced is based on Ohms law.

Curve Graph

Graphic: Ambient Temperature and Heating Cables’ Performance Curve Graph

In other cases, power is controlled either by a contractor or a solid-state controller.

For the self-regulating cable, the supply must equip a large warm-up current if you activate the system from a cold starting condition.

The contactor or controller may include a thermostat if exact temperature care is required, or it may just switch off a freeze-protection system in warm weather.

You can also connect the heating cable to one phase or three-phase power supplies.


Chapter 2: Why Heating Cable is Important?


Heating cables are essential for the maintenance of a pipe and vessel temperature, and they are essential because of the following reasons below:

They help to create a slow melt, which can eventually lead to the elimination of the hazards related to long-term and consistent ice buildup.

It can also help to reduce and eliminate ice damming.

A heating cable is also an excellent option for house owners who have poorly shielded homes. However, it is good to note that a heat cable won’t fix the problem, but a heating cable decreases some of the energy lost from the attic.

It is excellent for harsh environment weather conditions because it has excellent resistance to flame.

It is also essential because it provides excellent resistance to the chemical.

Some heating cables are essential because they do not need an additional management facility or costs after the first installation.

It is needed because it reduces the load on the building, and this is a result of the thin thickness.

The heating cable is vital in reducing the number of circuits, and it is available for voltages of up to 400 Vac.

They help to prevent damage and wastage for industries that are into production.

Conclusively, they make life easier for everyone.


Chapter 3.  Application of Heating Cables


Just like the name suggests, it is the application of any heating cable.

Everywhere that is freezing needs to be heated up to make life easier for everyone and to save costs in the long run.

For example, during the winter season, the driveway can be filled with snow, which can make driving quite tricky.

Making use of heating cable is vital in this scenario I painted above to make the driveway clear for movement.

Road Snow Melting

Graphic: Road Snow Melting

The application can be in two forms which are: residential or industrial. We explain these two different applications below.


3.1 Residential Application:


The heating cable is applicable in a residential apartment for residential purposes- This makes the heating cable quite easy to be easily found or seen anywhere.

You can install the heating cable in residential apartments, educational establishments, institutional buildings, shopping mall or complex, office buildings, and so on.

There are different ways of using a heating cable for residential application or better said; there are different purposes of heating cable in a residential application.

Here are the ways of applying heating cable for residential application


3.1.1 Electric Floor Heating


Have you noticed that during the cold season, the floor can be freezing, and walking around bare feet is the last thing you’d want to do, right?

Now, with the help of an electric floor heating, you have less thing to worry about during the cold season.

This is because you can walk around to experience the comforting warmth of heated tiles on your bare feet.

Floor Heating

Graphic: Floor Heating ( ← Click to get a complete solution)

However, it is vital to know that a safety measure should be put in place when installing electric floor heating. These safety measures are:

  • Ensure a qualified person carries out this installation, or you should ensure that qualified personnel supervises the installation.
  • During installation, the verification of the trace heating system parameters is essential.


3.1.2 Freeze Protection


Freeze protection is another way of applying heating cable. Under the Freeze Protection, we have

Pipe Freeze Protection

Graphic: Pipe Freeze Protection

–  Pipe freeze protection


They are essential because, in cold climates, water or chemical pipework often needs to be heat traced to prevent freezing.

It ensures that the pipe is clear or free of ice to enable it to perform its function appropriately.

Freeze protection is a good alternative for short sections of pipe that are at high risk of freezing.

They are also easily accessible so you can install the tape and you can monitor it for problems.

Nevertheless, ensure that you follow the product’s direction before using it. This helps you avoid any form of mistake.

Pipe freeze protection is in two ways, which we explain below


– Drain Pipe Heating (PVC Pipes)


A PVC pipe is often being able to resist temperatures between 140 to 160°F.

The trick is to protect the heating cable, which helps to maintain the contents within the PVC pipe at the desired temperature.

The heating cable should never tamper with the pipe rating temperature.

Furthermore, it also depends on the heat loss features of a specific pipe system. Most manufacturers generally limit heat cable below 6 watts per foot.

As earlier mentioned, ensure you follow the manufacturer’s direction before using it.


– Water Pipe Heating (Metal Pipes/in pipe heating cable/ pipe heat trace)


Water Pipe Heat Cable can help protect your cold-water and hot-water pipes from freezing during frigid temperatures or weather.

It helps to prevent water damage and bursting of pipes in sub-freezing temperatures.

water pipe freeze protection

Graphic: water pipe freeze protection

Also, it is safe to use, and it conserves energy. It keeps water flowing down to -40 degrees Fahrenheit. Furthermore, one of the many benefits of this water pipe heating is that it is quite easy to use.


– Freezer Door Deicing


Freezer doors get exposed to several temperatures. These freezer doors experience temperature differences from inside and outside of the freezer.

When these doors are opened and closed often, condensation can build up on the sliding channel and freeze.

This means that ice can quickly build up and inhibit the motion of the door, which could disrupt the door from opening or closing properly.

Therefore, there is a need to prevent this from occurring by getting a freezer door de-icing. You should place it on the door frame behind the door track.

The freezer door de-icing works by spontaneously adjusting its heat output based upon ambient conditions, and it prevents exceeding a specific rated temperature, most commonly 149°F (65°C).


– Agriculture through heating

Soil Warming System

The heating cable is also for agricultural purposes.

The heating cable helps with frost-free watering places. A frost-free watering-place is an investment because it promotes the health of your animals.

It also prevents damage to your water pipes and buildings.


Nevertheless, this works by mounting the cable along the farm area, and as soon as the temperature of the area starts to drop, it switches off to the heating cable by ensuring there is no freezing.

It is available in different lengths and sizes, depending on the type you want.


3.1.3 Snow Melting


Heating cables can also be used to ensure that the driveways, stairs and entrance areas to homes and other places are snow and frost-free throughout the winter season.

Snow melting systems for heating cables are quite easy to control with modern control systems, designed for just this purpose.

The system ensures the cables are off when the ground is dry, or when the temperature is within/outside the given temperature limits.

What people hardly know is that snow melting systems consumes far less energy and are cheaper to use and maintain than most realize.

–  Driveway Snow Melting

Driveway, courtyard, and other outdoor areas can be quite challenging to drive through or walk through during the winter season, but you can solve this with a heating cable.

Driveway Snow Melting

Graphic: Driveway Snow Melting

The heating cable can help to keep the driveway free from snow and ice.

The installation of the heating cables can happen over larger areas; one can install it in the wheel tracks, in a staircase, or walkways.

Courtyard Snow Melting

Graphic: Courtyard Snow Melting

For an economical and efficient application of the snow melting system, we always recommend an automatic control system.


Accumulation of ice and snow on the top of your roof and inside your gutter can lead to costly water damage in your home or office.

Remove Snow By heating cable or By yourself

Graphic: Remove Snow By heating cable or By yourself

Hence, installing roof and gutter de-icing can help to prevent trapped water in the roof or gutter, which may lead to leakages, decay, or even roof breakdown if too much accumulates on it.

It is also quite affordable to purchase and requires less maintenance. Plus, it is safe to use.


3.1.4  Soil Heating


Soil heating is used to deliver the right temperature essential for the propagation of seeds and cuttings.

Heating Cables Apply to Agriculture

We always recommend this for farmers to warm their soil no matter the temperature condition of their area.

Here are the advantages of soil melting:

They are instrumental because soil can take a longer time to get warmed the natural way, and to solve this issue, using soil warming cables it gives room for you to plant early regardless of the weather and raise better specimens.

Soil heating cables provide the role of a heated bench that keeps the soil warm.

Soil Heating

Another advantage of the soil heating cable is that they can also help warm up planting beds, which would otherwise be too cold to plant into even moderately late in the spring.

Also, you can utilize the cables in row crop areas, full beds, or raised beds. They can be used to convert cold frames into hot frames.

An excellent advantage of soil heating is that they provide heat just in the place it is needed.

They can also be used in a small area or space, which means it is economical.

Another advantage is that they last for many years, which means that they are durable mostly because they are buried underground, which helps to prevent wear and tear.

They require very little maintenance, which is also a good advantage above others. However, a control device is recommended to ensure long service life.

It is also good to note that they also have a few disadvantages such as

  • The cost to purchase the soil heating cable as they can be quite expensive.
  • Another distinct disadvantage is that soil heating cables are at the risk of damage from crawling animals such as rats and mice.

This is because rodents love to chew on electrical lines, and heating cables are not exempted from them.

–   Germination Mat

Germination mat provides the benefit of increasing the level of germination.

It also provides the best soil temperature conditions for best seedling growth, and it can help with attaining unvarying germination.

Greenhouse nursery

Also, heat mats are quite comfortable and energy-saving. It is also a way to promote stronger seedling growth.

They emit gentle, uniform heat to promote root formation.

Here are the safety cautions you should put in place when using a heat mat

  • Examine wires and connections for any form of damage or wear.
  • Avoid operating the mat with any plug other than the one supplied with the transformer.
  • Apply care with it to prevent puncturing the mat.

–    Ground heating (playground, sports ground)

It is a method used in various sports ground (with a grass surface), which heats the underside of the pitch.

Ground Heating

This is to prevent any elements from bad weather, such as snow and ice, from building up, and eventually, it helps the football club from postponing any match.


3.2 Industrial Application


These industrial applications of heating cables are used for high output requirements, where the operating temperatures are very high.

They are best for heating of vessels, containers, valves and many other applications listed below:

  • The oil and gas production,
  • Storage facilities
  • Petrochemical plants
  • Refineries
  • Pharmaceutical production
  • Power generation outlets
  • Water outlets
  • waste treatment plants
  • Food processing industries.


3.2.1 Flow Viscosity Control


For industrial applications, keeping your liquid flowing at a peak level is very important, and the use of a heating cable can help you achieve this goal.

Many liquids flow at ease when they are heated with a heating cable. Examples of such are motor oil, tar, honey, melted plastic, syrup, sulfuric acid, molten glass, and food-processing oils.

Flow Viscosity Control

Besides, for oily waste lines, there are pipes used for the dumping of waste oils and fats from kitchens and catering facilities.

As a result, the right heating cable can help with the flow viscosity control and maintain these lines at the right temperature to secure a continuous flow to the grease trap.

Furthermore, getting a fluid heated up lowers its viscosity so that it can move through a pipe.

Oil Pipeline

Ensure whatever the heating cable you are using for this purpose does not give direct-contact scorching or adulteration.




Asphalt sealants are used to improve and safeguard asphalt by filling cracks or sealing entire surfaces.

They are often kept in large tanks for storage for transportation to a job site.

They are typically thick and hard to remove from the tank through a hose or applicator without preheating.

Therefore, preheating or keeping asphalt sealants warm decreases viscosity. This makes them much easier to extract.

A common application temperature is around 125°F (59°C).

In colder environments, it can be particularly hard or nearly impossible to apply without preheating the material and keeping it warm.

This is where the need for asphalt sealant warming is needed.

Installing it on the tank provides the heat and insulation necessary to keep asphalt sealants at the best operating temperature, even in the cold season.


3.2.3 Biodiesel Drum Heating


Biodiesel refers to vegetable oil or an animal fat-based diesel fuel, which comprise of a long-chain alkyl.

Biodiesel Drum Heating

In other words, biodiesel is mainly gotten from a chemical reaction when soybean oil, vegetable oil, or animal fat is combined with an alcohol producing fatty acid esters.

The result obtained from this combination is less expensive and cleaner-burning unconventional fuel than petroleum diesel.

Biodiesel is also known as a renewable fuel for use in diesel vehicles, generators, and homes. It can also be used as heating oil, and it provides a safe and efficient heating source.

Using biodiesel drum heaters can help to provide a practical and efficient means for viscosity control.

When purchasing a biodiesel drum heating, you should look out for the following features below:

  • Ensure it has moisture, chemical, oil, and radiation-resistant.
  • It has a warranty
  • It has an adjustable thermostat in degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Patented grounded heating element.


3.2.4  Catalyst and Stabilizer

The primary purpose of a stabilizer is to prevent the response between other chemicals. While, on the other hand, a catalyst targets to increase the rate of a chemical reaction.

A catalyst application is as follows:

  • Making bulk chemicals
  • Food processing
  • Making gasoline and fuel oils
  • While stabilizer applications are:
  • Corrosion inhibition,
  • Pest control, pharmaceuticals,
  • Natural dietary supplements,
  • UV radiation protection,
  • Polymerization inhibition,
  • Preservation of food.

It is known that catalysts and stabilizers can get really thick and extremely sticky when kept at room temperature.

This alone can make it difficult to extract from their bulk containers.

Hence, to solve this problem, warming the drum reduces viscosity and provide more natural extraction.

Usually, these materials are stored in 55-gallon (208 Liter) drums and classified as hazardous materials.

Honey warming

Bulk honey can become extraordinarily thick and challenging to use.

For those in the filtering and bottling operations business, they understand how difficult this can be.

Also, for those who want to make use of honey for their food business, they understand how challenging this can be.

Honey Warm

The honey warming occurs because of pure raw honey forms and turns from a liquid state to a semi-solid state at temperatures under 70°F (21°C).

Crystallization occurs because pure honey is an oversaturated sugar solution, which is typically about 20% water, and 80% sugar and 25-40% of those sugars are mainly glucose.

The glucose thickens and covers all the honey mixture. As such, this leads to a thickened mixture and an increase in viscosity, which makes it extremely difficult or even impossible to pour out.

As a result, the honey must be heated through a honey warming system.


3.2.5  Petrochemical viscosity control


Petroleum-based chemicals often thicken, and as such, they do not flow well at lower heat temperatures.

Inability to resolve it can lead to it getting thick, and this can lead to clogging, which can reduce work productivity and the petrochemical industry.

Offshore oil platform

As a result, the heating cable is installed along the pipe that keeps the petrochemical flowing to maintain the elevated temperatures necessary for petrochemical production.


3.2.6 Food Shortening Melting


This is commonly used in many bakeries and food production. It is used as a cooking ingredient.

Food shortening is a solidified fat that is made of hydrogenated vegetable oils.

It is used mostly for bread, cookies, cakes, pies, pastries making amongst others.

chocolate melting

When it is at room temperature, the shortening becomes solid and hard to process through pipe and tube systems on production lines.

At a higher temperature level, the shortening becomes soft, which helps to reduce its thickness and to allow it to flow well and go through production lines smoothly.

To ensure it does not solidify is why you should make use of a heating cable to prevent wastage.


3.2.7  Process Temperature Maintenance

There are times whereby you may have a procedure that needs an increased temperature for the work to be carried out.

The procedure means that you need to maintain a temperature for the work to be carried out successfully.

– Cosmetics heating

Cosmetic creams and lotions manufacturing company’s needs to make use of the process temperature maintenance.

They need this because their product makes use of a mixture process in which oil, wax, and fat component are mixed with a water element and an emulsifying agent.

This is important because the uniform dissemination and precise control of temperature are vital to this application to avoid the hardening or burning.

This is essential for the formula to be constant from one product to the next one.

– Gas handling

Gas handling is necessary because the temperature level in the gas plays a vital role in ensuring the efficiency of the vitality of the gas cylinder.

When gas gets expelled from the gas cylinder, the pressure drops inside the cylinder.

The pressure drops, leading to the temperature inside the cylinder to reduce, which makes it very difficult for the gas to vaporize and be ejected.

As a result of the inability of the gas cylinder to eject the content inside, it leads to gas wastage, an extension of production time, and increased production costs.

In most cases, the gas cannot be rapidly expelled as a result of the cold weather, which leads to freezing.

As a result, the cylinder must be warmed before work is carried out.

This is why a heating cable is vital in this area to handle the freezing.

– Liquid Caustic soda temperature maintenance

Liquid caustic soda, which is known as sodium hydroxide, is a highly acidic material.

In many industries, it is used as a cleaner, e.g., petroleum refining, chemical processing company, textile companies, pulp and paper, and chemical processing.

As a result, the temperature must be maintained at a specific temperature, which is usually above 70°F (21°C) to prevent freezing.

Lack of proper maintenance of the temperature leads to reduced efficiency, blockage, and reduced work productivity.

Therefore, to solve this problem, installing a heating cable will ensure the temperature stays at a certain level to prevent any blockage,

– Plastic Extrusion Process

The plastic extrusion process includes the melting of plastic material, which is usually a small solid bead that gradually moves via an extruder’s metal barrel.

Then, the molten plastic is forced into a die cavity. Once the molten cavity gets into the die, it hardens over time and forever assumes its shape.

The essential temperatures which are needed during the melting process are generally between 400°F and 500°F.

3.2.8 Vacuum Bake-out

A vacuum bake-out is a process used to remove contaminants such as gasses, water vapor.

To remove contaminants, you have to apply surface heat, which should be up to 200˚C to effectively complete a vacuum bake-out process.

The benefit of this removal will give room to allow vacuum-baked mechanisms to be used in an ultra-high vacuum without having a fear of any contamination.

Also, heat which is generated from the heating cable can be used to help expose these impurities and other pollutants, from components in a closed system (vacuum chamber), while a vacuum pump removes those impurities.


3.2.9 Wet Laboratory Heating


Wet laboratories are very delicate places or laboratories where sensitive materials such as drugs, chemicals, and other material or biological matter are handled in liquid or explosive phases.

Examples of such delicate laboratories are chemistry, biology, and research labs.


Due to the activities that are being carried out in this environment, it is only imperative that the temperature in this environment stays elevated or high.

The temperature should be above 400°C (750°F) due to the following reasons below:

  • For synthetic reactions,
  • Preparation of sampling.
  • Removal of moistness.
  • Observing and monitoring of liquids/solids/gases.
  • Purification of laboratory equipment

– Steam Pipe Insulation

Steam is typically produced from big industrial boilers and conveyed through a sequence of valves and pipes.

For better understanding, steam is a universal energy/heat source used for different purposes in many manufacturing and Industrial companies for various operations.

Below are what steams are used for:

  • Process heating
  • Freeze protection
  • Hot water heating
  • Radiant heating (air)
  • Cleaning
  • Moisturizing
  • Humidifying
  • Force
  • Generation of power

To achieve adequate work efficiency, the safety of the employee, the steam lines must be protected;

This is because, when it is left without insulation, it can lead to the following:

  • Loss of a large amount of energy.
  • Reduction of effectiveness
  • It increases the risk of burn injuries and excessive heat from exposed steam lines for the employees.

If you are getting one for this purpose, ensure they have the following features:

  • They are easy to install
  • Save energy
  • Reduce concentration problems
  • Provide outstanding surface protection
  • Increase all-round system efficiency and safety


– High-Temperature High-watt heating


This is needed in manufacturing/industrial companies. They regularly need to heat tanks, piping & valve systems vessels, hoppers, conveyor ovens to extremely high temperatures.

Furthermore, they may also require the heat-up to happen fast.

Frequently, these applications are situated in dangerous areas, wet areas, or environments where products may be subject to harsh conditions.

Chapter 4 How to select a reliable Suppler?

4.1 What factors are important when you select suppliers?


Before going ahead to hire supplier services, there are some factors you should look out for, which will be explained below:

– Certificate & Factory Audit (Quality)

The quality of the personnel involved in carrying out this service is vital to the success of the service rendered.

A certificate is needed before hiring a supplier. Having a certificate shows you have gone through the process needed to be competent enough to carry out this job effectively.

Ensure you verify the certificate in any best way.

Also, it is imperative that you audit or carry out investigation about or on the factory to determine if it is well equipped for the service which will be rendered.

Top manufacturer of heating cables

– Scale (Quantity)

Consider the size of the product you are purchasing from the supplier. Consider if the size is truly worth the price or you just being cheated.

We would advise that you compare prices in a different place and the quantity involved before finally making a decision.

– Sample Testing (Check Real Products)

It is essential that you also take a sample of what you want to purchase.

Hence, ask for the sample of the real product to make sure what you are purchasing is what you need, and it is of good quality.


4.2 Five simple ways help you find reliable suppliers



This is the display of products and services at a particular location by sellers of the product or service. The aim is to advertise the product and also to get customers to purchase their product and service.


Attending this kind of event is a way to have access to a reliable supplier.

This is because genuine suppliers will be at the exhibitions(← click to get a complete list of exhibitions oversea), and also you have options for different suppliers.

Ensure you attend one of these events to find a reliable supplier.


Google Research

The internet is an excellent source of information. You can virtually get almost everything online. Therefore, make use of this source of information to find a reliable supplier.

Google Search

However, ensure you make some verification before making a payment or instead opt for payment on delivery, which is a safer means for an online transaction.

Also, go through the feedbacks and reviews from customers from clients before using their services.

Social Media

Social media has come to stay, and almost everyone is registered on one social media platform or the other.

Social Media

Small and large business owners have tapped into the numerous opportunities that social media provides for their various businesses.

As a buyer who needs to purchase a product, you can effortlessly search on any of these social media platforms below.


  • Facebook

Owned by Mark Zuckerberg is one of the widely used platforms by individuals and organizations. Just type what you are searching for in the search bar, and you’ll see various options. Contact the supplier and get every other thing sorted.

  • LinkedIn

It is a professional website that one can use to network with professionals and also hire reliable hands to supply heating cable. Make use of this platform to find a reliable and qualified supplier.

  • Twitter

It is also a powerful social media platform that is seen as a microblogging and interaction platform. You can easily use a hashtag to find a supplier.


B2B Website

This means Business to Business websites. They include Alibaba, Shopify, and big commerce. They are widely used by people to get items or shop online. All you need to do is to sign up and search for a supplier.



We believe you are well equipped with the right knowledge on how to purchase the right heating cable. So, put the knowledge into action.

Thanks for reading.


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