Differential Scanning Calorimeter



Based on continuous raw material research and development, Jiahong introduced differential scanning calorimeter from German NETZSCH to make Thermodynamic analysis of raw materials. Jiahong DSC combine the high heating &cooling speed rate of output compensation type of DSC and the advantages of thermal flow type of DSC, can achieve 500℃/min heating & cooling speed within -170℃~600℃. It can be used for thermodynamic analyze & test of crystallization, glass transition temperature, melting point and oxidation induction period for polymer material, so as to judge material performance and material type. Besides, Jiahong DSC also can be used for Kinetic studies which requests speed temperature balancing states such as Isothermal crystallization & curing, and also stimulate the actual processing, to provide basis and guidance in raw material research & development & inspection.

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