Cold and Hot Cycle Test Machine



Cold and Hot Cycle Test Machine can achieve the experiment and evaluation of the thermal stability of self-regulating heating cables with different temperature grades. It meet test requirements of international & national standard such as IEC60079-30-1, CSA C22.2 NO130-03, IEEE515.1, GB/T32348, GB/T19518, GB/T19835.

Jiahong designed and customized this testing equipment independently according to the international standard requirements and obtain independent intellectual property rights (Invention Patent Number:201510279767). The hot plate can achieve extremely high temperature up to 400℃,besides, it support specific functions such as partition setting of voltage and temperature, automatically generate and record the output variation curve.

In the test process, connect samples to the sample plate and power it on. Under the program control, the sample plate can fit on the cold plate at 23℃and then fit on the hot plate alternately every 15min for a cycle. A single round experiment requires 1500 cycles at least. According to the testing records about the power changes of heating cable before and after 1500 cycles, to evaluate the Thermal Stability and Service Life of heating cable.

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