WIFI Thermostat ET-61 [Europe Version]

  • WIFI Version Supports Remote Control by Mobile Device;
  • VA Screen with Built-in Touch Key, Easy to Operate;
  • The Retaining Wall Design Prevents the Risk of Short Circuit;
  • 5+1+1 or 7day programmable;
  • HongFa Brand Relay Inside Supports 30 Years Use.


Jiahong ET-61 WIFI Thermostat was developed based on the idea of DEVI & OJ thermostats and it can be widely used in Europe markets. The core accessories inside are original from China Top-class suppliers such as HONGFA. At the same time, the software is totally designed by Jiahong R&D team. All features and methods of operation are set by deeply imitating the habits of Europeans. Get a free quote right now by the below button.


ET-61 Main Features

Why Fortune 500 Companies Trust

Jiahong Wireless Wifi Thermostat

  • The largest OEM Heating Cables Supplier In China;
  • R&D – Production-Logistic all in one Company;
  • Worked With Partners Worldwide More Than 25+ Years;
  • Complete Safety Approved by TUV, EAC, CE, UL, and CSA.

Jiahong ET- 61 series WIFI thermostat is the latest temperature controller of the floor heating system in 2019. Its design was inspired by the thermostats of OJ and DEVI. You can use this device in an electric and hydronic floor heating system.

By setting a week temperature program, will keep the floor at a comfortable temperature when you are at home or in the office. Jiahong ET-61 WIFI thermostat has a lot of unique features.

  • Programmable

The thermostat allows you to set a 7-day or 5+1+1 day heating schedule and the program will circle till you stop the heating system.

  • Remote Control

You can control Jiahong WIFI Thermostats with a mobile device. You can download a WARMME app from the Android or Apple APP Store to regulate the heating schedule and all parameters.

  • VA Screen and Built-in Touch Key

Jiahong simplifies all operational processes to make them more efficiently — for example, A row of bigger touch-key buttons, a more precise digit display, brand relay. Besides, we also select a VA screen for the thermostat.

  • Easy to install

ET-61 WIFI thermostat is oriented to 86 cassette that is suitable for all Europe families. A retaining wall design prevents the risk of short circuits and increases the insurance circuit.

Currently, you can get the WIFI version and Non WIFI version from us. For the WIFI version, it also supports Amazon Alexa and Google Home.

Europe Design, Simple Operation and Competitive Price, Don’t Hesitate to a free quote right now.

ET-61 Features & Technical Parameter


Features & Benefits


LCD Display Screen is easy to read;

Free APP Available for IOS and Android;

Controlled By Smart Phone via Wifi Connection;

Wall Design, Easily Installed;

Sensor selection;

Off time frost protection;

Floor high-temperature protection;

For Commercial and Residential Applications

Water heating system and Electric Heating System

Weekly program with each day programmable

℃ OR ℉ alternative

Prevent others from inappropriate moving

Full touch button operate weekly program parameter




Display Screen Function:


Time Display

Holiday Function


Hold function

Frost symbol




Technical Parameter


Power supply Voltage: 85V ~265V,50/60Hz

Maximum switching current:15A

Temperature setting range:5-40℃

Sensor temperature detecting range:0-45℃

Temperature accuracy:0.5℃

Standby power: <1W

Dimension: 87*87*16(mm)

IP Rating: IP20

Wire diameter: ≤2.5mm²