• Smart Thermostat #ET-81
  • Smart Thermostat #ET-81
  • Smart Thermostat #ET-81
  • Smart Thermostat #ET-81
  • Smart Thermostat #ET-81
  • Smart Thermostat #ET-81

Smart Thermostat #ET-81

#ET-81 Smart Thermostat is the latest thermostat, and it was developed and made according to CE standards. Suitable For Electric Floor Heating System and Water Floor heating system.

  • Top Class Security Protection, Combines Secure Back Cover and Durable Hardware Accessories;
  • Both Wi-Fi Version and Without Wi-Fi Version Are Available;
  • 5+1+1/ 7 Day Programmable;
  • Color Screen, Touch Key, Borderless Structure;
  • Comply With CE Standards, 10 Years Factory Limited Warranty.

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Color Screen Smart Thermostat

#ET-81 smart thermostat adopts top-class hardware, and it includes VA Color Screen, durable relay, and self-developed secure back cover. It also supports remote voice control, you can adjust the data setting through smart speakers. You can also use the mobile app WarmmeTM to control our thermostat as well.

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Features and Functions

  1. Two Versions Available: With Wi-Fi Module Or Without Wi-Fi Module;
  2. WarmmeTMAPP Assist You To Set The Thermostat Remotely;
  3. Three modes for the end user to operate:
  • Auto mode: It is the default mode. Thermostat runs according to eventparameters set in Event Setting to save energy.
  • Manual mode: Thermostat will run with the set temp.
  • Anti-frozen mode: Thermostat will run with the low setting temperature for ever. The maximum is 15°C;
  1. New User Operation Guide Program;
  2. Room-out Sensor and Floor Sensor;
  3. Color Screen, VA Screen, Touch Key;
  4. Overheating Protection, Prevent The Floor From Being Damaged;
  5. Controlled Vy Smart Phone By WiFi Connection;
  6. Programmable, 7/5+1+1 Day Programming;
  7. ℃OR℉Display Alternative;
  8. Key-lock Function.

1. Can #ET-81 Smart Thermostat be used to Hydration Floor Heating System?

Briefly answer: Yes. This #ET-81 Smart Thermostat is suitable for both electric floor heating system and hydration floor heating system.  But hydration floor heating needs to be customized.

2. Is #ET-81 Smart Thermostat a Wi-Fi Enable Thermostat?

Yes. Actually, you can custom a Wi-Fi module or not. Most customers will combine two choices in their orders, which is benefit for them to make different sales strategies.

3. How to change the #ET-81 setting by my Ipad/Android Pad?

Step 1: Scan the QR code or download the Warmme from the APP store/Google browser.

Step 2: Register and log in with mobile number/email address in the APP. Attention: Please read and agree to 'Privacy Policy and Service agreement' before registration.

Step 3: Click 'Add Device' or '+' on the top-right to add a device.

Step 4: Click 'WiFi thermostat'.

Step 5: Operate the thermostat. If the WIFI icon flashes quickly, Click 'Press to connect'.

Step 6: Enter the Wifi password, and click 'Confirm'.

Step 7: If the device added successfully, change the device name and set the region. Then, click 'Done.

Step 8: You can check the actual temperature and set temperature etc. at the control interface.


If failed, confirm the Wifi is 2.4G version and check the Wifi signals, then, use the 'AP mode' in the top right to connect again.

4. What are the main features/functions of the #ET-81?

Main features: VA color screen and touch screen technology.

Main functions:

Window detective function

The thermostat can detect an open window by registering a rapid drop in temperature. With the function enabled, the thermostat shuts of the heating for 15 minutes if an open window is detected. It is energy-saving and can protect the floor.

Different sensor selections

Three different sensor selections for choice. Room sensor/Floor sensor/Both Room and Floor sensor.

Floor temperature limitation

When you choose both sensors, you can set the maximum floor temperature value, the system will stop heating if the floor temperature exceeds this value.

5. What Are the differences of Auto mode, Hold mode, and Holiday Mode?

Auto mode: It is the default mode. Thermostat runs according to event

parameters set in Edit Setting to save energy.


Press Auto Mode to confirm and back to the page of a detected temperature.

Hold mode: Thermostat will run with the set temperature forever.


Press Manual Mode to enter temperature setting.

Press ↑ or ↓ set the temperature.

Press ↓ to confirm and enter the page of a detected temperature.

Holiday mode: Thermostat will run with the set temperature until the holiday

time ends.


Press Holiday Mode to enter the holiday setting.

Press ↑ or ↓ set the days of holiday.

Press ↓  to confirm and enter the holiday temperature setting.

Press ↓ or ↑ set the temperature.

Press ↓  to confirm and enter the page of a detected temperature.

6. What is Anti-frozen Mode? How to use it?

Anti-frozen function is for keeping the room and floor at a lower temperature in order to protect the pets and plants in your house. Also, it can protect your pipe against freezing when using the water heating system.

There is an anti-frozen switch on the touch screen, you can turn it ON or OFF.

7. Can we change the display brightness for the #ET-81 thermostat?



Press Brightness to enter the brightness setting.

Press ◑to move up/down or touch any part of the line to set the brightness.

Press ↓ to confirm and back to Menu.

8. Is there any difference between 7 days a week circle program and the 5+1+1 day a week circle program?

Yes, they are different.

7: each day from Mon to Sun can be set individually.

5+1+1: Mon to Fri have the same events, Sat and Sun can be set individually.

9. Is it easy to do program setting for #ET-81 thermostat?

You will find a guided program when you first start to use this thermostat. Just follow the steps and you will complete the basic setting, including time, temperature, holiday, and more.

10. Can I Install #ET-81 Smart Thermostat By Myself?

This is an electric device, we recommend technical installation by a professional person.  Meanwhile, we will also have a complete range of materials to guide you on how to install the thermostat. These materials contain a paper manuals, online videos.

What are the security measures for #ET-81 Thermostat?

We did more in the aspect of security measures comparing to other brands'.

1) Overheating protection, prevent the floor from being damaged.

2) The retaining wall design prevents the risk of a short circuit.

3) Key Lock function to avoid misuse by the elderly and children.

4) The APP we used is a member of the whitepaper to protect your data.

12.  Do you have Certificate Reports of #ET-81 Smart Thermostat?

Yes. We have CE certificate , all these reports are not only a security guarantee to smart thermostats, but also a sales permit in your country.

13. What is the warranty policy?

10 years factory limited warranty.

14. What is your MOQ of #ET-81 Smart Thermostat?


15.  What is your delivery time?

23-30 days.

16. Do you have any quality tests before shipment?

100% power on test, appearance test.

MOQ Start at ONE Pieces
Sorting Objects Solid objects, Sizes range from 0.1mm to 10cm.
Functions Sorting, Separation, and Cleaning based on Color and Shape.
Application One Machine Works On Various Materials;
Trade Term Door to Door, FOB, CIF
Services On-site Installation and Commission, Remote Trouble-shooting.
Warranty 14 Months For Free, More Warranty Valid, please check here

Special Request

You can customize the products according to your requests. Both ODM and OEM ways are available.

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