• SLL Self Regulating Heater
  • SLL Self Regulating Heater
  • SLL Self Regulating Heater
  • SLL Self Regulating Heater
  • SLL Self Regulating Heater
  • SLL Self Regulating Heater
  • SLL Self Regulating Heater
  • SLL Self Regulating Heater
  • SLL Self Regulating Heater
  • SLL Self Regulating Heater

SLL Self Regulating Heater

  • Continuous maintain capability up to 150°F (65°C) and intermittent exposure capability up to 185°F (85°C);
  • PTC Core Materials Are Made By Ourselves;
  • Lower Installation Cost and Maintenance Expense Compare to Steam Heat Tracing;
  • No Overheat or burnout Even when Wrapped Over Itself(Overlapped);
  • Jiahong Provides Power Connection, Splice, Tee and End Seal Kits and other Related Accessories;
  • Suitable for use in Non-hazardous, Hazardous and Corrosive Environments;
  • Complete Test Reports for Russia Markets
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Jiahong SLL Self Regulating Heater

Jiahong Self Regulating Heater provides safe, reliable solutions for pipe freeze protection and roof & gutter deicing.

And it is widely used to factories, offices, personal houses, and pets’ hut and etc.

As the No.1 Exporter in Asia-Pacific, Jiahong has rich experiences to manufacture and export heating cables which could match all markets’ requests.

With short delivery time, Jiahong has already been served most brands and in Europe and North America.

Jiahong Self Regulating Heater, also called self regulating heating cable, is a residential&commercial grade low-temperature heating cable.

This Cable can regulate the heat output by itself regardless of the extra thermostat.

It provides safe, reliable solutions for pipe freeze protection and roof&gutter deicing.

JiahongSelf Regulating Heater is configured for use in nonhazardous locations.

It is hot selling in Russia where there is a long and cold winter.

Jiahong Self Regulating Heater shall have continuous exposure (maintain) capability up to 150°F (65°C) and intermittent exposure capability up to 185°F (85°C).

Voltage rating is 230 Vac. And the heat trace cables are suitable for use on supply voltages of both 110-120Vac and 208-277 Vac. There are five popular models in the markets: 10w/m, 16w/m, 24 w/m, 30 w/m and40 w/m.

Every Jiahong Self Regulating Heater has a self-regulating characteristic.

Its power output self-regulates in response to the pipe temperature. When the temperature drops, it automatically heats up to provide heat; However, when the temperature rises to a critical value, it automatically disconnects the circuit to reduce heat generation.

This improves safety and reliability because the cable would not overheat or burnout, even when overlapped upon itself.

Jiahong Self-limiting heating cable can be cut-to-length at the site to match exact piping lengths without any worries.

Because of this feature, it does not require an additional thermostat.

Some customers call it heat tape or heating tape, it is not very accurate.

Even though they have similar functions, their structure is different. Jiahong Self Regulating Heater is a parallel circuit electric heater strip.

It has a strong and stable structure. It has a tinned copper bus wires (18 AWG), semi-conductive heating matrix and LSZH dielectric insulation, tinned copper braid, and fluoropolymer over the jacket.

Inner bus wire adopts the same materials as brands’ in Europe.

Semi-conductive heating matrix is developed by ourselves, which has been served our brands’ customers over 15 years.

And Jiahong is the ten of manufacturers who can individually develop and make this material.

Tinned copper braid is ductile, yet withstands high mechanical loads, thus averting damage when installing in arduous environments.

Outer Jacket is made of the PVC, which provides additional protection to cable and braid where exposure to chemicals or corrosives.

Jiahong Self Regulating Heater is easy and simple to install.

Not any special skill and tools required. Meanwhile, all necessary accessories such as termination, splicing, and power connection components are provided in our convenient kits as well.

Jiahong Self Regulating Heater is generally packed in wooden spools or plastic spools.

Normally it was delivered at 200ft, 250ft, and 300ft a spool.

Customers could cut the required length according to practical requests.

You can also have your company information printed on cable and customize your own package.

Our design department is glad to provide the help.

Jiahong Self Regulating Heater is approved by CE, ATEX, IECEX, and EAC. and all SR heating cables are offered a 10-year warranty, which is the longest in the industry in the world.

In order to improve Jiahong Self Regulating Heater, Our Technology Team continuously cooperates with experienced experts and brands’ such as Raychem.

Nowadays, we’re still the only supplier who owns the complete certificates and the most product patents. We believe that more and more heating trace goes to self-regulating cable, it’s an overwhelming trend.

Maximum circuit length (in feet) per circuit breaker
  Ambient temperature at start-up 230V
16A 20A 25A 32A 40A
10SLL –40℉ –40℃ 95 125 185 185 185
–20℉ –20℃ 150 185 185 185 185
14℉ –10℃ 180 185 185 185 185
50℉ 10℃ 185 185 185 185 185
16SLL –40℉ –40℃ 67 90 115 115 115
–20℉ –20℃ 105 115 115 115 115
14℉ –10℃ 115 115 115 115 115
50℉ 10℃ 115 115 115 115 115
24SLL –40℉ –40℃ 48 64 80 80 80
–20℉ –20℃ 75 80 80 80 80
14℉ –10℃ 80 80 80 80 80
50℉ 10℃ 80 80 80 80 80
30SLL –40℉ –40℃ 30 55 60 62 62
–20℉ –20℃ 45 58 62 62 62
14℉ –10℃ 58 62 62 62 62
50℉ 10℃ 60 62 62 62 62
40SLL –40℉ –40℃ 25 40 48 48 48
–20℉ –20℃ 35 48 48 48 48
14℉ –10℃ 45 48 48 48 48
50℉ 10℃ 48 48 48 48 48

Special Request

You can customize the products according to your requests. Both ODM and OEM ways are available.

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