Self-regulating Heating Cable #FSPC

  • Energy Efficient, Automatically Varies its Power Output in Response to Pipe Temperature Changes;
  • We Make PTC Core Materials;
  • Lower Installation Cost and Maintenance Expense Compared to Steam Heat Tracing;
  • No Overheat or burnout Even when Wrapped Over Itself(Overlapped);
  • Jiahong Provides Power Connection, Splice, Tee, End Seal Kits and other Related Accessories;
  • Suitable for use in Non-hazardous, Hazardous and Corrosive Environments;

FSPC Series Self-regulating Heating Cables

These heating cables provide pipes,  roofs, and gutter systems protection from damage due to freezing, and can be used in residential and commercial applications. The cables automatically adjust heat output according to the ambient temperature condition. Under the cooler condition, the heat output increases, and as the temperature rises the output decreased to save on energy. The cables are available in various pre-assembled lengths.

Why Jiahong’s Freezing Protection Cables

  • Top Heating Cable Exporter in China;
  • Over 25 Years of Manufacturing Experience;
  • Supports One-Stop Source;
  • Technical Support Team Assist Your Product Design;
  • Complete Production Lines Support Fast Delivery;
  • Allows Third-Party Audit and ISO9001 Quality Audit;

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