• New Manual thermostat #ET-43
  • New Manual thermostat #ET-43

New Manual thermostat #ET-43

#ET-43 is a new manual thermostat in 2022,and it is suitable for electric floor heating systems.

  • CreativeDesign, Easy to operate
  • Fits many Mid-frameswith an inner size of 56*56mm
  • With floor sensor and room sensor,support open windows function
  • Support 2Years Factory Warranty

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Newest manual thermostats with multiple frames

ET-43 thermostat is a high-quality thermostat with minimalist design.

It is designed to accurately control the floor temperature, with a

maximum load of 3600W/16A. It has floor sensor and room sensor. The biggest feature is that it is compatible with Schneider Unica series, Legrand Valena series and many frames with an inner size of 56*56mm, such as Schneider Exxact.

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Features and Functions

The ET-43 thermostat can match the 56*56mm inner size frame represented by Schneider Exxact, as well as Schneider Unica and Legrand valena frames.

Users can choose according to their needs.It has floor sensor and room sensor,Used to select the sensor to work.

  1. Wall Design, Easily Installed
  2. Different sensor types
  3. Sensor selection:floor sensor and room sensor
  4. Off time frost protection
  5. Floor high temperature protection
  6. For Commercial and Residential Applications

Touch screen

LCD display

Model Number



underfloor heating thermostat




120~240Vac 50/60Hz

Standby power


< 1W


Max Load


16A(Resistive load)


Wiring specification




Ambient temperature


IP Class



Sensor Application


Floor sensor & room sensor


Floor Sensor Type


 3950 10K; 3700 10K; 3600 12K; 3380 10K; 15K


Floor temperature limit protection



Special Request

You can customize the products according to your requests. Both ODM and OEM ways are available.

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