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  • Mini-D-25years-warranty manufacture
  • Fluoropolymer underfloor heating cable #MiniCable-F
  • Mini-D-Floor-Heating-Wire manufacture
  • Warm-Cable manufacture
  • Mini-D-25years-warranty manufacture
  • Fluoropolymer underfloor heating cable #MiniCable-F

Fluoropolymer underfloor heating cable #MiniCable-F

Minicable-F under tile floor heating cable is a twin-conductor heating cable with fluoropolymer insulation and fluoropolymer outer jacket. It is welcomed in European Markets.

  • It is safe for tile floor in dry and wet locations; such as bathroom, kitchen room,
  • Twin-conductor cable supports one connection point of power cord cable
  • 1.9mm cable diameter to reduce floor height
  • Match all popular thermostats in the European markets;
  • CE and UKCA Approved;
  • 25 years’ warranty;

Jiahong’s Minicable-F fluoropolymer Floor Heating Cable

Jiahong Minicable-F fluoropolymer Floor Heating Cable is a twin-conductor constant wattage electric under tile heating cable for European Markets. 1.9mm thin floor heating cable with the better warmth help you save the energy cost and enjoy the warming.

Minicable-F is a good solution for thin floor heating installation. It is widely used in ceramic tiles, natural stone and another thick floor in the living room, bedroom, etc.  

The rated voltage is 230v. The conductor insulation and outer jacket is fluoropolymer.

The output power is 10w/m. Cable diameter is 1.9x3.0mm~2.4x4.0mm,varies from models.

The heating cable length vary 22.5meter to 180meter.

 Jiahong Minicable-F Floor Heating Wire is easy and simple to install. You can fix the cable strapping during installation. Meanwhile, because it is a loose floor heating cable, there is no fixed cable space. So you can arbitrarily choose the cable spacing within the range we suggest.   

Jiahong Minicable-F Floor Heating Cable is approved by CE and UKCA.

25 years limited warranty.

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Why Jiahong's Underfloor Heating Cable

  • No. 1 Heating Cable Exporter in Asia-Pacific

  • Over 25 Years of Manufacturing Experience

  • Complete Test Reports For Europe And America

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Multi-strand heating element Jiahong MinicableF Floor Heating Cable is welcomed in the Europe Markets.  Emits zero EMF(electromagnetic fields), more safe and health. The output power is 10W/M.

And it can be customized to invisible connection point.


Jiahong MinicableF Floor Heating Wire contains four components: inner conductor, conductor insulation, braiding, and outer jacket.

  • The inner conductor is made of advanced tinned copper.  Heating element bring stable warmth
  • The insulation is required to withstand the high temperature and high voltage. It commonly features a fluoropolymer such as ETFE or FEP.
  • Tinned copper Braid shield has an important function that secures the two pieces of conductors. Meanwhile, the tinned copper braiding can screen electromagnetic radiation generated inside. What’s more, it can provide ground protection.
  • The outer jacket fluoropolymer to enhance the mechanical class. Use in both wet locations and dry locations.

MinicableF floor heating system can serve you for more than 50 years.


Heating Cables and Thermostats

There is an accurate thermostat in a regular floor heating system. The thermostat is used to monitor and detect indoor temperature or floor temperature, then regulate the heat output of the cable.

Jiahong MinicableF Floor Heating Wire matches all popular thermostats in European markets. Jiahong has the thermostat too.

Easy to install

Jiahong Floor Heating Wire is simple and flexible to install. The loose cable can be put in anywhere according to your room shape with the proper cable space.

You Need a Standard Cable

The MinicableF underfloor heating cable include heating cable part and 2.5meter power cord cable to easy the installation.

Jiahong Floor Warming Cable is packed in wooden spools or plastic spools with a specific length. The regular lengths range from 22.5 to 180m

100% tested for each Jiahong Floor Heating Wire. The insulation resistance, the high voltage and the cable resistance is necessary to be tested.

Special Request

You can customize the products according to your requests. Both ODM and OEM ways are available.

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