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The ultra-high maintenance temperature of 210℃ is another technological peak in the field of self-regulating heating cable. What has changed with the emergence of this heat tracing cables?



In view of the characteristics of safe use, easy installation, green energy saving, and low maintenance cost, the application technology of electric heat tracing products in industrial scenarios is becoming increasingly mature. From petrochemical industry, offshore engineering and shipbuilding to energy and electricity and other fields, electric heat tracing products can be based on specific scenarios include customized personalized solutions such as pipeline anti-freeze heating, complex pipeline process heating, long-distance pipeline heating, tank and container heating, etc. With the widespread application of electric heating technology in industrial production, the technical requirements for electric heating products are becoming more and more stringent, such as precise temperature control, safety and reliability, explosion-proof level, wide application, etc. This has a great impact on electric heating manufacturing enterprises. It is undoubtedly a difficult challenge.

Continuously break through and climb to the top

1. Low temperature self-regulating heating cables

Representative models: HTR, HTLE, HTM

Temperature parameters: 65/85℃

▶Breaking through the gaps in self-regulating heating materials and product technology, self- regulating heating products have begun to be used in scenarios such as civil water pipe antifreeze, roof snow melting, and industrial low-temperature maintenance fields.

2. Medium temperature self- regulating heating cables

Representative model: HTP

Temperature parameters: 110/135℃

▶Expand the application of Jiahong's self- regulating heating cables in the industrial market and expand its application in maintaining process temperature of pipelines and pipe bodies.

3. High temperature self- regulating heating cables

Representative model: HTS

Temperature parameters: 150/200℃

▶Through years of technology accumulation and experimental research and development, we have broken through the technical difficulties of high-temperature self- regulating heating cables, filled the gap in domestic high-temperature self- regulating heating cable technology, and achieved import substitution in major industrial projects.

4. Ultra-high temperature self- regulating heating cables

Representative model: HTU +

Temperature parameters: 210/260℃

▶On the basis of filling the domestic gap with high-temperature self- regulating heating cables and realizing import substitution, the temperature grade and overall technical level of domestic self- regulating heating cable has been further improved, reaching the world's advanced level.

Jiahong has always adhered to the exploration and research of high-end technology. Through years of technology research and development and experience accumulation, based on in-depth understanding and research of semiconductor PTC materials, combined with innovation in molding processes, it has successfully developed the ultra-high temperature grade self- regulating heating cables HTU + series, on the basis of the HTS series breaking the technical gap of domestic high-temperature self- regulating heating cables, it further breaks through the technical height of domestic self- regulating heating cables, achieving a maximum maintenance temperature of 210°C and a maximum tolerance temperature of 260°C, which is industry-leading in the world technique level. It fills the gap in domestic high-temperature self-regulating technology and promotes the localization process of the industry.

No diamonds, no porcelain work

Jiahong has been committed to breaking through the high-end technology of self- regulating heating cables for many years and has established a complete R&D platform and evaluation center for this purpose. Build an internationally advanced extrusion material analysis and testing laboratory, equipped with advanced analysis and testing methods such as material thermal performance analysis, molecular structure analysis, melt rheology analysis, etc., and establish the correlation between the basic performance of materials and the product characteristics of self- regulating heating cables influence relationships and lay a solid foundation for PTC semiconductor material research and development. At the same time, it has established advanced finished product evaluation capabilities in the industry, with the ability to evaluate the mechanical properties, high and low temperature resistance, weather resistance, power-temperature curve, starting current at different temperatures, maintenance temperature, temperature tolerance, and thermal stability of experimental samples and finished products. Detection and evaluation capabilities for key finished product indicators such as performance.

"The light of domestic products" Jiahong HTU + , how awesome it is!

01.Functionality _ _

█Ultra -low operating temperature✔ 

█Ultra-high temperature maintenance ✔

█Ultra -high long-term temperature resistance ✔

The HTU + series of self-regulating heating cables can maintain a maximum temperature of 210°C , and are particularly suitable for industrial pipelines, tanks, special equipment and other application scenarios that require ultra-high temperature maintenance. At the same time, the HTU + series products can withstand long- term temperatures of 260°C . It is suitable for intermittent and continuous long-term high-temperature steam purging environments.

HTU + series self-regulating heating cables can be installed and used in extremely cold environments of -60°C , while maintaining stable power output at temperatures around 210°C .

02. Security _

█Super long service life ✔

HTU + is an ultra-high temperature self-regulating heating cable. It has been greatly improved in terms of product indicators and design service life. At the same time, it can also have higher output power in high temperature environments, so it can be applied to applications with high temperatures piping and equipment to maintain temperature requirements, and frost protection needs at high exposure temperatures. The product design life is not less than 30 years and provides a 10-year warranty.

03. Stability _

█Super stable power maintenance ✔

1st Experiment:

In accordance with Chapter 5.1.12 of the IEC/IEEE 60079-30-1 standard, after completing 1500-cycle hot and cold cycle tests, the power of the sample tape showed no attenuation and the power retention rate was 100%, which proved that the HTU + series products can guarantee normal power output under harsh application environments.

2nd Experiment:

According to Chapter 5.1.11 of the IEC/IEEE 60079-30-1 standard, it was measured under 260°C and 1440h experimental conditions. After long-term high temperature treatment, the power maintenance rate of the sample was over 98 %, proving that the HTU + series The product can still ensure the safety and stability of the system in harsh application environments.

04.Economy _ _

█Ultra-high power output ✔

█Ultra-low starting current ✔

HTU + series self-regulating heating cables includes 16W/m, 33W/m, 49W/m, 66W/m, 82W/m, and 100W/m power levels, which can achieve higher unit power output. As the operating environment temperature or temperature maintenance requirements increase, the HTU + series of self-regulating heating cables can still ensure higher output power in high temperature environments, providing better choices for heat tracing design and saving heating tape quantities and costs for users.

the HTU + series self-regulating heating cables fully considers the safety of starting the heating cable, and shows an ultra-low starting current/steady-state current ratio within the starting temperature range of -60~40°C. The starting current/steady-state current ratio is within 3 times, which allows longer loop length design and saves the overall cost of the heat tracing project.

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