Rubber Heating Mats For Walkways and Stairs

  • Solve Snow Accumulation Problems On Pathway or Stairs;
  • One-size Suit All Outdoor Scenarios
  • Waterproof Level: IP68;
  • GFCI Power Cord
  • Five Years Warranty.

Slip Free On Your Walkways In Snow Days

Jiahong Rubber Heating Mat is designed to solve the snow accumulation problems on the walkways around your house or office facilities. The embossed surface of the snow pad prevents slipping due to water stains. You can put one heating mat alone at the entrance. Also, you can connect many pieces as a whole mat and then put them over the walk path or stairs.

Snow Heating Mat Connection Wiring

Why Trust our Rubber Heating Mat

  • The largest OEM Heating Cables Supplier In China;
  • R&D – Production-Logistic all in one Company;
  • Worked With Partners Worldwide More Than 25+ Years;
  • Complete Safety Approved by TUV, EAC, CE, UL, and CSA.

Jiahong Rubber Heating Mat is used to automatically melt the snow and ice on the pathway around your house in snow weather. Every snow mat has embossed lines on its surface that will help prevent slippage.

Each Pad has two connectors: male connector and female connector. You just connect the male connector with a power unit when you need one piece of the heating mat.

walkway mat

For long-distance walkways or multi-step stairs, you can also connect one with another by male and female connectors.

It is free to put the heating mat on walkways, stairs because it is waterproof and the rate is IP68.

This independent design may have a lot of advantages:

  • Portable
  • Safe and clean
  • Flexible installation
  • Durability
  • 2-year limited warranty



The unique structure design makes it easy to transport and carry, even collect. And the installation is simple as well. You just widely place snow mats on the existing entrance ways, stairs, loading docks, rooftops, handicap ramps, and many other existing surfaces.

Snow Melting Mat Application


Jiahong rubber heating mat is safe because it provides great protection from slipping, extra traction by patterned surface. The grandparents and people in the wheelchairs don’t have to worry about going out in the cold weather.

The snow melting rubber mats definitely are the better alternative than calcium chloride that may hurt and mess your floor.


The snow melting mats are made of SBR rubber that is strong enough to withstand the weight of ten peoples at the same time. 9 to 11mm thickness rubber can bear cold weather in a long time. So it can be left outside for a whole cold winter.


Male connector & Female connector

Image: Male connector & Female connector

Image: Rubber Mat Manufacturing workshop

Materials Parameter Specification( Walkway Mat)

AppearanceBlack Elastomer
Proportion g/cm31.2±0.02
Hardness Shore A60±3
Tensile strength Mpa≥15
Elongation at break %≥350
Strength change rate±15%
Change of elongation±25%
Low Brittle Temperature ℃≤-40
Compression permanent deformation
(70℃*24h) %
Oxygen index≥30

Technical Parameter Specification  (Walkway Mat)

Voltage Grade (V)110-120; 220-240
Power rating (W/square ft)40-50; Can be customized
Product size (width * length * thickness)10″*38″*0.3″  OR 23″*40″*0.3″
Product weight (lbs)5.5/15.5
Cable spacing (inch)1±0.05
Snow melting efficiency1.5-2.5″ per hour
Cold lead10ft
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