HTR Heat Trace Tape

  • Automatically Adjusts Heat Output without Regular Thermostat;
  • PTC Core Materials are Developed and Made By Ourselves;
  • Cut-to-length According to Practical Requirements On Site;
  • Not Overheat or Burnout Even when Wrapped Over Itself (Overlapped);
  • Jiahong Provides Power Connection, Splice, Tee and End Seal Kits and other Related Accessories;
  • Suitable for use in Non-hazardous, Hazardous and Corrosive Environments;
  • 10 Years Warranty Services

Heat Trace Tape: Your Best Industrial Heating Cable

Jiahong Heat Trace Tape is an industrial-grade low-temperature self-regulating heating cable. If you are looking for industrial heating cables, then you are in the right place. It can automatically adjust its power output to provide thermal compensation to the heated pipe. So it is not necessary to source extra heating thermostat.

Jiahong Heat Trace Tape provides Heat Tracing solutions for industrial pipe freeze protection, and Industrial Processing Temperature maintenance; It also can be used in both residential and commercial fields, For example, you can wrap this heat tracing cable around water pipes or valves outside to keep the inner liquid flowing.

Jiahong Heat Trace Tape shall have continuous exposure (maintain) capability is about +65°C (150°F), and intermittent exposure capability is around +85°C (185°F). The voltage rating is 240 VAC. The cable is suitable for use on supply voltages of both 110-120VAC and 208-277 VAC. It can be cut to any length according to practical requirements on site.

Moreover, we can provide technical support for any heating solutions. All Jiahong Heat Trace Tape are approved by CE, ATEX, IECEX in Europe and UL, CSA and ETL in North America. Click the following contact button and send your inquiry right now!

Why Jiahong’s Heat Trace Tape

  • Top 1 Heating Cables Exporter in Asia-Pacific
  • Over 25 Years of Manufacturing Experience
  • Complete Test Reports ForBoth Europe And America
  • Technical Support Team Assist Your Product Design
  • One Stop Source Support
  • The Only Manufacturer who holds the Core Technologies in China

Your Premier Heat Trace Tape Supplier


Jiahong Heat Trace Tape, also known as electric heat tracing cable and Heat trace tape for pipe, is a kind of industrial-grade low-temperature self-regulating heating cable.

Jiahong Heat Trace Tape shall have continuous exposure (maintain) capability up to +65°C (150°F) and intermittent exposure capability up to +85°C (185°F).

The cable usually works independently because it automatically adjusts its heat output to provide thermal compensation to the heated pipe.

When the ambient temperature rises, the amount of heat and power decreases.

However, when the ambient temperature drops, the amount of heat and power increases.

The Heat Trace Cable is suitable for use on supply voltages of both 110-120 VAC and 208-277 VAC. And it is designed to provide freeze protection for small pipes and flow maintenance for pipes, tanks, valves, etc.

Technique Data

The cable is configured for use in both non-hazardous and hazardous (classified) locations, including areas where corrosives may be present.

Jiahong is a know-how manufacturer of heat trace tape and we have been serving European and North American Markets for over 25 years.

There are four regular models right now:

3 Watts per ft. (10w/m),

5 Watts per ft. (17w/m),

7 Watts per ft. (23 w/m),

10 Watts per ft. (33w/m) and

12 Watts per ft. (40w/m).


Is Heat Trace Tape Right For You?

The self-regulating characteristic improves the cable’s safety and reliability. The Heat Tape cannot overheat or burnout, even when overlapped upon itself.

Because of this feature, this cable does not require an additional thermostat.

We are always dedicated to provide a high-quality heating cable with a competitive price. All Jiahong heat trace tapes have the same structure with five different layers:

– Bus Wire

– Semi-conductive Heating Matrix

– Inner PVC Protective Layer

– Tinned Copper Braid

– Outer PVC/Fluoropolymer Plastic Protective Layer

Heat Trace Tape Structure

Our most raw materials are sourced from Chinese original suppliers. Meanwhile, we import the core fluoropolymer plastic from Top Suppliers in developed countries, especially in the USA. That is why are able to provide a long life warranty.


Q: Do you have any Certificates for USA Markets?

A: Sure. Jiahong Heat trace tape has already been approved by CE, ATEX, IECEX, and EAC in Europe and by UL, CSA, ETL in North Americas.

Q: What About the warranty for the cable?

A: Every self-regulating heat trace cable offers a 10-year warranty, which is the longest in the industry.

Q: What type of package do you provide

A: Jiahong heat trace tape is generally packed in wooden spools or plastic spools. Normally it is delivered at 250ft, 500ft and 1000ft a spool.

Q: Is this cable available for outdoor use?

A: Sure.

Q: Can I have a logo or related information on cable?

A: Sure. You can have your company information printed on cable and customize your own package.

Q: Can we have a label for each package?

A: Our design department will be glad to provide the necessary help for labeling, installation manual, and box design.

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Maximum circuit length (in feet) per circuit breaker
Ambient temperature at start-up120V240V
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