• Wireless Thermostat # ET-44W
  • Wireless Thermostat # ET-44W

Wireless Thermostat # ET-44W

ET-44W thermostat is a high-quality thermostat with minimalist design. It is designed to accurately control the floor temperature, with the feature that is compatible with different frames.

  • Both Wi-Fi Version and Without Wi-Fi Version Are Available.
  • 5+1+1/ 7 Day Programmable.
  • Digital tube, Touch Key, Replaceable frame
  • Comply With CE Standards, 2Years Factory Limited Warranty.

Thermostat that meets your flexible configuration appearance

ET-44W was designed to accurately control the floor temperature, with a maximum load of 3600W/16A. The biggest feature is that it is compatible with Schneider Unica series, Legrand Valena series and many frames with an inner size of 56*56mm, such as Schneider Exxact .Also you can operate this thermostat through the APP.

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ET-44W thermostat is designed to offer an intelligent temperature regulation solution to the floor heating system. It has a replaceable mid-frame structure to meet your different appearance needs.

Features and Benefits

Replaceable mid-frame structure

Minimalist design

Controlled By Smart Phone via WiFi Connection;

Wall Design, Easily Installed;

Sensor selection;

Anti-frozen Function

Floor high temperature protection;

Programmable, 5+1+1 Day Programming

Adaptive function: After several days of installation and use, Adaptive function

ensures that the required temp has already been reached when the next event begins.

Open window: This function only works when room sensor or both sensors is selected.

The thermostat with this function will shut off automatically for 15 min when the window

opens, as it can detect that the room temp plummets.

Energy use: This option allows you to enter the various data used to calculate energy use.

Technical data

Power Supply Voltage

120-240Vac 50/60 Hz

Maximum Switching Current


Temperature Setting Range


Standby Power




IP Rating


Wire Diameter



Special Request

You can customize the products according to your requests. Both ODM and OEM ways are available.

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