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Underfloor Heating Cable

  • Many types to fit the various installation are available;
  • Customize any Heating Wattage based on markets requests;
  • Flexible Installation & Low Maintenance Cost;
  • Complete Accessories supports including thermostats, cable strap, uncoupling membrane;

Since 1993, Jiahong Floor Heating Cables have already become the most important products for importers worldwide.

  • underfloor heating cable
  • underfloor heating cable

Heating Cable List

There are a total of six different types of floor heating cables in the Jiahong product list. They are all customized according to importers, brands and other overseas customers. Just send your request and you will receive a reasonable heating solution within 12 hours.

Warmcable - C

120/240v Twin-conductor, Φ3.2-4.2mm, Strapping Installation, accept OEM/ODM.

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3.7w/ft Cable

120/240v Twin-conductor, Φ5.08 mm, Ideal for Uncoupling Membrane Installation.

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MiniCable - D

230v Twin-conductor, Φ3.6 mm, Strapping Installation, accept OEM/ODM.

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MiniCable - S

230v Single-conductor, Φ2.5-2.8mm, Strapping Installation, accept OEM/ODM.

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230v Twin-conductor, Halogen Free Insulation & Outer sheath.

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HX Cable

HX Storage Cable

120/240v Twin-conductor, ideal for thick floor.

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3.7w heating Cable

3.7w/ft Cable is a typical underfloor heating cable specially designed to fit uncoupling membrane installation. This installation method can avoid cable damage due to squeezing. The cable is widely used in the US and Canada, and Europe area. The most important is, You can flexible put the cable on both wet and dry floors according to the practical shape of the room. Inquiry Now.

Heating Cable & Metal Strap

Jiahong has already developed many types of floor heating cable for strapping installation. They are generally fixed on the concrete floor with plastic or metal strap. You can directly choose a typical type from us:

  • For Europe & Russia: MiniCable – D, MiniCable – S
  • For US & Canada: WarmCable-C, 3.7w/ft Cable.
heating cable & Heating Mat

Floor Heating Mat is your best choice for DIY Installation because of ready-to-install design. So you can fast fix it to the floor. The sticky mesh can be cut to accommodate different shapes. What’s more, 30-year OEM and ODM experience can assist you to develop market-recognized heating cable. Inquiry Now!

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Why Fortune 500 Companies have always

been approving Jiahong’s Underfloor Heating Cables?

  • 80% of China’s total heating cable exports for 30 consecutive years;
  • Complete Test Reports for Europe and America;
  • Own Complete quality control regulations;
  • Support One-Stop Sourcing;
  • Professional Logistic Service Support.
heating cables category cover

Jiahong underfloor heating cable is usually used to electric floor heating systems as a core product. After power-up, the cable releases radiant heat from under the floor, which provides you a comfortable environment to warm your feet in the cold weather.

Flexible to install

Jiahong floor heating cable is flexible to wiring because you can easily lay the cable anywhere based on the real room shape.

Especial in a residential house, you are free to put the heating cables in some irregular areas such as the walking corridor, stairs. So it is flexible to be used to business buildings, residential houses, and the other regions required radiant heat.

Suitable for both Wet & Dry Places

Jiahong underfloor heating cables are available to install, no matter dry places or wet places. You can put the wire in your bathroom, kitchen room, and living room, even basement.

All these benefit from moisture and corrosion-resistant application.

Customization Production for different countries

All production of Jiahong floor heating cables is a customized process. You need to provide some necessary information to roll this ring.

Civil Voltage
The Civil Voltage in different countries is various. In China, it is 220v/50Hz; In America, the value is 120v or 240v. In some Europe area, the local voltage is 230v.
So you need to confirm the local voltage first.

And this also means floor heating cables are not conventional. You can not use your heating cable in another place; especially, the local voltage is different.

Room Size

Does the Room size decide how long does the heating cable need? For example, the size of the living room is bigger than the bedroom, so you need to customize a longer heating cable.

For America and Canada, we can provide 40 to 400ft. of floor heating cable under local voltage of 120V and 80-800ft. Length under local voltage of 240V.

Cable Wattage

Cable wattage also called heating wattage per meter, is often used to measure the heat required in every unit room. Normally the data is ranged from 10 ~ 20 w/m(3.0 ~6.0w/ft).

Many factors would affect cable wattage selection — for example, climate, house type, floor type, room size, and more. As we know, the estimate closed the pole in the winter is extremely cold. So a higher cable wattage is necessary. If it is far away from the pole, the lower cable wattage is ok.

However, the sale process is quite simple, because you can get the right product by simple swapping the information on the heating size and room type.

Structure & Feature

Jiahong underfloor heating cable can convert 100% of electric energy to the heat. No waste. The cable is a constant wattage structure, which keeps the heat output the same even though the ambient temperature was changed.

This feature also tells us that the cable requires temperature control during the using process.

There are some little structure differences between heating cables and regular wires because heating cables may meet a much higher temperature environment. And these factors will affect the quality of the cable.

1. Insulation Material

The insulation material is always asked to bear high temperature because the cables need to output the heat for a long time. Jiahong uses fluoroplastic that withstand 200 degrees celsius of high temperature instead of conventional plastic as an insulation material.

2. Screen Layer

Due to the high current, the surrounding heating cable will release a large amount of electromagnetic radiation. Therefore, we need to add a layer of braid between the insulation layer and the outer sheath to shield the electromagnetic radiation.

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