ET-6A Smart Thermostat

  • 2.5D Curved Edge Design;
  • Match 28+ different types of frames;
  • VA Screen + Touch Key
  • The retaining wall design can prevent short circuits.
  • 5+1+1 or 7day program and 4 events easy the operation.


Jiahong ET-6A Smart Thermostat was developed based on the idea of DEVI thermostat and it can be widely used in Europe markets. The middle frames can be replaced and the device can match 28+ different frames. The whole inner structure and accessories are developed by Jiahong R&D Team. It will be your cost-effective thermostat. Contact us right now for more details.


Features ET-6A

Why You Can Trust

Jiahong Smart Thermostat

  • The largest OEM Heating Cables Supplier In China;
  • R&D – Production-Logistic all in one Company;
  • Worked With Partners Worldwide More Than 25+ Years;
  • Complete Safety Approved by TUV, EAC, CE, UL, and CSA.

Jiahong ET- 6A series smart thermostat is the latest temperature controller for both Europe and Australia markets in 2019. You can use this device in an electric and hydronic floor heating system.

By setting a week temperature program, will keep the floor at a comfortable temperature when you are at home or in the office.

The Jiahong ET-6A smart thermostat adopts a structure in which the device and the frame are independent of each other. So you can select any frames at local markets, which means the thermostat can match many frames. As we know it can fit 28+ kinds of frames in Europe.

Currently, you can get the WIFI version and Non WIFI version from us. For the WIFI version, we also provide an independent APP. You can directly download this app  Google OR Apple  APP store.

Main Functions & Technical Parameter