MT-26 Mechanical Thermostat

  • Simple Design Competitive Price
  • Turn-ON/Turn-OFF Switch
  • Temperature Control Setting
  • Provides Free Color Box Design
  • CE Approval


Jiahong  Mechanical Thermostat is widely used in Europe families as a classical floor heating control device. It has a simple structure to only contain a turn on/off switch and temperature setting switch. You can purchase this thermostat as a low-cost substitute.


MT-26 Mechanical Thermostat Features

Why Fortune 500 Companies Trust

Jiahong Mechanical Thermostats?

  • The largest OEM Heating Cables Supplier In China;
  • R&D – Production-Logistic all in one Company;
  • Worked With Partners Worldwide More Than 25+ Years;
  • Complete Safety Approved by TUV, EAC, CE, UL and CSA.

Jiahong MT-26 is an economical floor heating device as a first-generation product. It is original from Europe markets and it is now popular in Russia too. It can also save your energy bill through sensitive temperature detection and temperature control. The mechanical thermostat decides whether it requires to heat up or not by turning on/off the circuit.