Power Testing Machine

The power testing machine is mainly used to detect the heating power of the self-regulating heating cable at different temperatures.
It is designed and tested in accordance with the IEEE 515.1-2012 4.2.11 and CSA C22.2 NO.130-16 6.2.5 standard clauses. Canadian CSA engineers have highly recognized the testing machine independently designed and developed by our company.
The test device is a diameter of 50 mm carbon steel pipe, which is completely wrapped with a thickness of 25 mm insulating material. The appropriate heat transfer liquid is selected to circulate through the pipe at a sufficient flow rate; then a turbulent flow is formed so that the temperature between the fluid and the pipe can be negligible. Finally, the intercepted heating cable is fixed to the carbon steel pipe.
Four thermometers are fixed in the middle of the heating cable and pipeline – the inlet and outlet of the pipeline. The temperature of the heat transfer liquid is kept constant during the test, and these parameters are verified by thermocouples provided at the inlet and outlet of the pipe. The temperature difference of the liquid flow rate from one end to the other end should not exceed 2K.
At last, please power on the heating cable, the temperature of heating cables will be displayed at a specific temperature after all the data remain stable.

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