Jiahong Exhibition Plan in 2019

Exhibitions display industry and community goals they provide you latest innovative solutions of the market. Inventors, programmers, developers, and influencers and most important learners are the main part of any expo.

Visitors attend the Exhibitions for three main reasons like:

  1. Sourcing of new products
  2. Give a new boost to your sales
  3. Build networks and meet with industrial people

Jiahong visit different Exhibitions of the world to get new trends and drift in 2019 like ever.

  • AHR Expo 2019
  • Aquatherm Moscow 2019
  • NEFTEGAZ 2019
  • National Hardware Show

AHR Expo 2019

Jiahong Heating Cable Company always visit AHR Expo (great Expo for the professionals) to get outstanding professional exposure.

This exhibition planned every year for the skilled people who worked with HVACR relevant goods and services.

As you know Jiahong is leading heating cable manufacturers of Asia and have a wide range of industrial products and has a prominent name in commercial areas.

In AHR Expo different people from different expertise come and display their latest inventions, productions, and services.

This is the way when different professionals meet and exchange their technical ideas to develop booming business relationships.

Time of Exhibition: January 14-16, 2019

JH Booth: B4428

AHR Expo 2019

2017 AHR Show in Las Vegas-USA

Graphic: We are at 2017 AHR Show in Las Vegas-USA

Aquatherm Moscow

We get most amazing knowledge glimpses from the Russian international exhibition on this expo variety of air conditioning equipment, pools and heating tools exhibited.

Leading companies of the world display their best tools and equipment, this Expo is not only belonged to Russia, people from all countries allowed to display their products.

Jiahong attends the 21st international demonstration of industrial heating equipment, water supply systems, plumbing, and ventilation equipment.

This exhibition helps to promote new technologies and also the best opportunity to get great experience to demonstrate innovative ideas in the market.

The most interesting thing is Aquatherm Moscow event occupies approximately 40,000 sqm and conveniently arranges a gathering of 650 visitors from 27 different countries.

Now the question arises in mind why we visit this Exhibition?

Because this exhibition provides a unique focus on any industrial business objectives that means a lot of mastermind planners, sellers, buyers and businessmen bringing together at one place without any inconvenience.

We also displayed our best heating products like self-regulating heating cable, Constant wattage heating cables and Electric heating cable.

Especially we take our new design there to exhibit like a smart thermostat for different areas.

Overall it’s a great experience to visit Aquatherm Moscow we achieved the target to meet old friends at this gathering and find more customers and visitors.

Time of Exhibition:  February 12-15, 2019

JH booth: 15 Hall

Aquatherm Moscow

AQUA THERM Russia 2017

Graphic: AQUA THERM Russia 2017


We visit the international Expo for different equipment and technologies for the oil and gas industry.

This Exhibition is the world’s best top petroleum show.

Most important thing is, “this show held at a very popular place Expo center Fair Grounds where the wide place is organized to deal the number of visitors lavishly”.

Different companies provide great support to organize this Expo like VDMA, MINPROMTORG Russia and Ministry of Energy of the Russian Federation.

Why we visit this expo?

Because this international Expo organized for the display of Electric tools and equipment and building automation services we visit and demonstrate about our new design creation of smart thermostats for different large and small areas.

Approximately 16 countries present their equipment and skilled persons exchange their ideas and techniques with each other.

At this Expo 13,450 visitors came to see the Electric power industry, cables, fittings, and lighting engineering.

Time of the Exhibition: 2019.4.15-18



Graphic: We’re at NEFTEGAZ in 2017

National Hardware Show

The National Hardware show is held at Las Vegas in the North and Central Halls. There is no difficult procedure to book your hotel rooms and Booth.

Also, you can get great discounts on travel to this Exhibition and a very low price on hotel bookings with proper security.

As National Hardware Show 2018 in 2019 visitors have a chance to make strong business network and learn about new trade production and the trends of industry in the market.

This year our company present feature products and latest thermostat technology and we also present great case studies of our companies to build satisfaction level.

The National Hardware Show is the source of introducing ground-breaking technologies, outstanding products & services and face to face discussions of industrialists from the globe.

This Exhibition is not only for the skilled persons also for the inventors, beginners and deep thinkers, in a way all the people get a strong position in the universe.

Time of Exhibition: May 7-9, 2019

JH Booth: stand no.: 930

National Hardware Show

National Hardware Show

Graphic: Jiahong’s Stand National Hardware Show in 2017

We highlight all the positive areas of our company in front of the world.

Some of the blooming features I mentioned here.

  • Demonstration of premier heating cables
  • All the services and products also explained in the Expo like we are dealing with a floor heating system, snow melting, gutter deicing and especially pipe frost protection.
  • We displayed all support accessories.
  • We proved our company, a reliable industry by taking a variety of quality tests according to the CSA standards.
  • Also, demonstrate how to customize the heating cables.

Jiahong Experience

Jiahong is a company with great experience in the manufacturing of heating cables. We always try to satisfy customer’s requirements by researching, collecting data and developing innovative strategies for heating cables and self-regulating heating cables.

By visiting different Exhibitions of the world we get knowledge of industrial and commercial equipment & tools. Also, we become more reliable and trustworthy according to well-known companies in the world.

The trade show provided an opportunity for Jiahong to entertain customers from global heating cables.

We demonstrate our innovative ideas with our regulars and show the practical implementation to make it clearer.

We will work with new and existing customers to communicate with the problems encountered in the past and the next plans. At the same time, we will also showcase new products developed for a certain market.

Jiahong is certified by UL Company, US Federal Agency names Occupational Safety and Health Administration, also CSA and ETL certified.

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