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Floor Heating Thermostat is designed to regulate the heat output in the electric floor heating system. It keeps the floor at a comfortable temperature that is neither too hot, nor too cold.

  • Detects the temperature change of the Heated Floor;
  • Regulates the heat output based on your temperature setting;
  • In WiFi Mode, it can control the floor heating system remotely;
  • You can set a 7 days circle scheme.
  • Heating Thermostat
  • Warm Floor & Thermostat

Boost Your Business With Jiahong’s Thermostats

Jiahong has always been developing floor heating thermostats based on markets’ popular trends. You can find out all styles that are popular in Europe, North America, and Australia markets. Our heating controls include a mechanical room thermostat, programmable heating controls, Wifi smart thermostats. Email us with matched items below and let our thermostats boost your business.


Suit Many Frames, LED Screen, Touch Key, Remote Control

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VA LED Screen, Touch Key, Remote Control, Jiahong Patent;

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Thermostat ET-62

Thermostat ET-62

Curved Edge Design, Touch Key, Remote Control, Jiahong Patent;

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LED Screen, Touch Key, Remote Control, GFCI Safety Module

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Color Screen, Touch Key, Remote Control, Jiahong Appearance Patent;

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Wide Screen, Touch Key, Remote Control, Jiahong Appearance Patent;

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thermostat warmlife-16

Warmlife -16

Weekly Circle Programmable Thermostat, Full LCD touch screen.

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Thermostat ST16

Thermostat ST-16

Weekly Circle Programmable Thermostat, Full LCD touch screen.

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thermostat TT-16

Thermostat TT-16

Weekly Circle, 6 Events per day, Full LCD touch screen.

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Thermostat ST-31

Thermostat ST-31

Weekly Circle, 6 Events per day, Full LCD touch screen.

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Thermostat MT-26

Thermostat MT-26

Mechanical thermostat is designed for economical temperature control;

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Thermostat ET-21

Thermostat ET-21

Plug-and-play thermostat for water pipe protection against freezing.

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Thermostat ET-72

ET72 smart thermostat is developed based on the requests of the American markets. Built-in GFCI, It has already been approved by UL 60730-1, UL 60730-2-9, CSA E60730-1:13 and CSA E60730-2-9. With 4” LCD touch screen, ET72 heating control adjusts the setting through its touch screen button. There are two different circle setting programming: 7 days weekly circle or 5+1+1 weekly circle. You can also get the Wifi Edtion from us.

Thermostat ET-61

The ET61 is a safe and practical thermostat designed for European markets. This floor heating thermostat is very suitable for your independent brands.

  • An anti-short circuit isolation plate is added between the wiring slots;
  • Visual touch screen button;
  • Use VA screen instead of an LCD screen, the display is clearer;
  • Wifi Version and Non-Wifi Version are available.
Thermostat ET-81

2.8” visual color LCD touch screen with Jiahong exclusive optimization operation program, making the manual operation more simple. ET81 smart thermostat adopts the brand’s a circuit board that can last for 30 years. It supports “5+1+1” weekly circle setting mode and it is suitable for water-based floor heating system. Wifi edition is available as well.

Thermostat ET-82

ET82 wifi thermostat adopts horizontal layout design with 4.3” large TFT touch screen. Jiahong creates the icons for all the setting, which make it easy to operate. Because it is a wifi thermostat, you can control the setting through smart mobiles or other mobile devices remotely. WarmApp supports


ET-6A is an intuitive programmable thermostat used to control an electric floor heating system or Hydration Floor Heating System. With an independent frame design, the thermostat is popular for North European Markets, and it can match 28 different frames in Europe.

  • WIFI version and Non-WIFI version;
  • VA-screen, 2.5D curved edge design;
  • The retaining wall design can prevent short circuit.
  • 5+1+1 or 7-day program and 4 events easy the operation.
Thermostat Warmlife-6

Warmlife-6A is a smart floor heating control with a 4″ large color screen. And it is designed for Australia and New Zealand market. Independent Warmme APP is developed for Wifi version;

  • WIFI version and Non-WIFI version are available;
  • Large Touch Screen Button, Easy To Operate;
  • Simplify operation process, You can find out any function less than 3 steps;
  • Backlight design and you can adjust the brightness;
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Why Jiahong's Thermostats

Are Your Best Option?

As a leading manufacturer of electric floor heating system, Jiahong has already developed over 80% new thermostats in markets. We are also able to assist you in developing a specific thermostat for your local markets.

  • All Designs Follow Markets’ Popular Trends in Europe and America;
  • More than 90% Heating Cables/ Mats are original from Jiahong, 100% match;
  • Support one-stop source;
  • Wholesale markets protection;

Contact us right now, and our professional work team will serve you within 12 hours.

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