HTM In Pipe Heating Cable

  • Maintenance Temperature is between 30°C and 65°C(150°F);
  • Self Regulating Heat Output In Respond for Temperature Change;
  • Can be used to the inner of the water pipes;
  • 10 Years Warranty;

Your Perfect In Pipe Heating Cables

Jiahong In Pipe Heating Cable, also called heat tracing cable for pipes, is a kind of low-temperature Self Regulating Heating cable for Residential or Commercial application. If you are looking for a heating solution for any water pipes or fire pipes, then you are in the right place. It is a perfect inline heating cable that maintenance temperature is between 30°C and 150°F (65°C).

Jiahong in pipe heating cable provides a safe heating solution for inner water pipes, and this application has already been approved by the FDA in the USA. You can also directly get a pre-assembled heating kit with this cable. Currently, We offer three common types for both American and European markets: 3w/ft(11w/m), 5w/ft(17w/m) and 8w/ft(25w/m). Welcome to send Inquiry to us.

Why Jiahong’s In Pipe Heating Cable

  • Top 1 Heating Cable Exporter in Asia-Pacific
  • Over 25 Years of Manufacturing Experience
  • Complete Test Reports For both European And North American markets
  • Accessories Supports and One Stop Source
  • Complete Production Lines Support Fast Delivery
  • The only manufacturer that holds the Core Technologies in China


Your In-Pipe Heating Cable Supplier In China


Jiahong In Pipe Heating Cable is one of our primary Self Regulating Heating cable for various pipes heating. This cable provides heat compensation to the object that temperature is below 150°F (65°C). For example, it can keep the water flowing at -40°C.

Self Regulating Heating Cable Power Output CurvesHowever, Jiahong In-Pipe Heating Cable has mainly used to a small plastic or metal pipes that their diameter is between 1 and 20cm.

Popular Models are


5w/ft., and


for both U.S and European markets.

Jiahong In Pipe Heating Cable has a strong structure design with five layers:

  • Tinned copper Bus Wire
  • Semi-conductive Materials Layer
  • Inner PVC or Teflon Insulation
  • Tinned copper braid
  • PVC or Teflon Outer Jacket

The structure design makes it easy to shield electromagnetic radiation and resist chemical corrosion. So you can use the cable in a hazardous environment as well.

Jiahong produces this type of heating cable for over 10 years. We are one of the few original manufacturers in this field. Now we are able to provide you all the necessary certificates to develop markets. And you can get 24X7 technology support online.


Features & Benefits:


Self Regulate Heat Out In Respond To Temperature Change;

High chemical resistance

Easy to install

Can be cut to length off the roll

Connection by plug-in connectors


Typical Application:


PVC pipes, Metal Pipes, Valves, Flanges

Residential Fire Pipes

Water Pipes Freeze Protection;

Maxim um circuit length (in feet) per circuit breaker
Ambient temperature at start-up120V240V
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