Are you looking for heating cable suppliers? Do you want to get a complete list of manufacturers of heating cable in China? In this article, you’ll be learning all about how to find reliable suppliers in China.



Chapter 1. Why find a supplier of heating cable in China?


Why China, you might ask? For starters, China is one of the leading manufacturers of cables in the world, going head to head with the United States. They have a fully established chain of supply from the providers of material, manufacturing, and then the distribution of products.

Graphic: Heating Cable Supplier

China can keep the pace of manufacturing consistently, producing high-quality heating cables partly because it has near-unlimited amounts of resources such as oil, metal, copper, etc.

What made their heating cables even better is that they have put a considerable amount of time into researching, testing, developing, and improving their cables over the years.

World Factory

Graphic: China is the World Factory

To add icing on the cake, the labor cost in China is cheap, meaning you get to enjoy the high-quality heating cables that they produce at a relatively affordable price.

The secret weapon of China is that they have the infrastructure and system to supply enormous demands of products, and are continually getting supplies of raw materials through effective routing.Supply Chain for Heating Cables

Graphic: Supply Chain for Heating Cables

Some factors to note are that various industries in china are semi funded by the government as well as state-owned banks that offers manufacturers and producers cheap loans.

Also, China is well established when it comes to electronics. This is especially true when you see Taiwan. Taiwan is hailed to be one of the most excellent developers of semiconductors and electronics overall.


Chapter 2. Factors That You Need to Consider


  1. Type of Suppliers in China

Manufacturer – Buying directly from manufacturers in China can help you cut costs significantly rather than purchasing from distributors. It also enables you to establish a beneficial relationship with the manufacturer.

On top of getting your supplies for cheap, you have the ability to create custom heating cables since you’re in direct contact with the manufacturer.

When 2020 comes, manufacturers will be able to provide you with better payment terms, as well as better technical support and services due to the rapid advancement of technology.

Heating Cable Production

Graphic: Heating Cable Production


Trading Companies – Trading companies generally don’t produce any products. Instead, they source products coming from various manufacturers and factories. They are similar to distributors, and the advantages they have is that they can offer you a wide array of products.

Trading companies are good if you only want to buy traditional products. Products which doesn’t rely heavily on technological support such as floor heating cables.

As for more advanced products like a self-regulating heating cable, most suppliers don’t have the technological ability to provide that kind of high-quality product.

Trading company in China

Graphic: Trading company in China


  1. Safety Certified


If you’ve found a supplier, congrats! There’s only one more step to do before you can place an order, check whether their products are safety certified.


1) Factory Audit – Factory audits will not only help you determine whether a manufacturer’s products are safe for the public to use, but it’ll also your concerns regarding their ability to make your products, as well as the capability to produce it on time.

There’s also the concern of whether they can supply you when you order vast quantities of their products.

Factory Audit

Graphic: Factory Audit

2) Products Certificates – This is doubly important, especially when you’re in the United States.

United States laws are strict when it comes to certification. Specifically, UL and CSA certificates. An electrical product without those certifications is not allowed to be sold. When looking for suppliers, make sure that their heating cables are certified; this serves as a guarantee for your customer’s safety.


  1. Scale


Whether your suppliers are able to provide you products on such a large scale? That is an important question to answer when hunting for suppliers. Make sure that the supplier you’ve chosen can accommodate large scale orders and can provide it on time.

But not just the ability to supply you bulk – scale also means the ability of your supplier to provide you with better payment terms, logistic support, if their products support accessories and any of your marketing needs.

Production Scale

Graphic: Production Scale


  1. Custom Capacity


When looking for heating cable suppliers in China, one factor that you need to consider is – do they have research and development centers? This is an essential factor to consider as it ensures that the products that your manufacturers are producing are high-quality.

Keep in mind that you are supplying a different market from them, which has different needs, and you both have different ways of marketing and selling.

That’s why when choosing a supplier, make sure that they can offer more than just a single product. A right supplier doesn’t just consider your request but will act on it.


Chapter 3. Top Manufacturers List of Heating Cables in China

1. Heating Cable Manufacturing Center – Wuhu/ Hefei


China is home to the most significant industries that produce electric wire cables. Heating cables are just a small part of the overall industry of cable manufacturing, so many don’t give it too much thought.

The same goes for other heating cable manufacturers in other countries.

Wuhu and Hefei are considered to be the most prominent manufacturers of heating cables in China because they are situated smack dab in the middle of it, and not on coastal areas.

Heating Cable manufacturing Center

Graphic:  Wuhu is the Manufacturing Center of Heating Cables

There have been tons of reports circulating online stating that China has too many heating cable suppliers, along with their analysis of the subject – but safe to say, they know next to nothing when it comes to Chinese suppliers. Or at the very least, are misinformed.


2. Complete Manufacturer List of Heating Cables in China ( Top 3 + rest)


The production of heating cables is such a specialized industry that requires technology, expertise, and skill.

It originated from some parts in Europe as well as the United States, and thanks to the international industrial division of labor, it slowly reached China.

And now, China is spearheading the development, research, and manufacturing of heating cables.

In China, manufacturers are divided into three different classes, the first, second, and third class – which level a manufacturer is in will be determined by their market share.

Top 10 Suppliers of Heating Cables

Graphic:Top 10 Suppliers of Heating Cables

This top 10 list of heating cable manufacturers in China consists of one first-class, two-second class manufacturers, and the rest are third. We’ll start with number 1.

The manufacturers in this list are the ones responsible for exporting a staggering 99% of the heating cables produced in China through the United States and Europe. Almost all of the heating cables that you use most likely come from China.


No.1  Wuhu Jiahong New Material Co. Ltd 


Jiahong is a premier heating cable manufacturer in China and has over 90% market shares; hence, putting them well over the first class of manufacturers. They have been producing heating cables since 1993. They are way ahead of the curve in terms of research and development of heating cables.



Jiahong is the first-ever manufacturer to produce heating cables in China.

They are well equipped to do large scale production with almost 60,000 meters of a production line.

Since they’re able to produce large quantities of heating cables, they will have no problems providing you with supplies.

Advantages to Jiahong International Sales Department

Graphic:Advantages to Jiahong International Sales Department

Their products are all high-quality, and they offer a wide array of products to choose from.

One great thing about Jiahong is that they thoroughly put their products to the test – conducting rigorous quality control tests to make sure that their products are safe.

They have a highly-skilled logistics team that can handle the shipment of your products, making sure that it reaches you on time and intact.




Since they are the most prominent manufacturer of heating cables in China, you’ll likely be charged a higher amount compared to second or third class manufacturers.


No.2  Anbang

Anbang holds over 5% of market shares in China, making them a prominent second class manufacturer. They are based in Tianchang City, Anhui Province.


Anbang is armed with the latest technology and a competent team; they have been producing high-quality heating cables. They mainly distribute their products throughout the United States, Europe, and Asia.

Their technology has also helped them perform excellent quality control inspections that are compliant to ISO9001 and ISO14000. Their products have various certifications from CE, ROHS, and EMC.



They may not cost you as much as buying from first-class manufacturers, but they still require a pretty penny.

But that cost is more than worth it for the quality of the product that you’re getting.


No.3  Huanrui

Anhui Huanrui is one of the famous Chinese manufacturers. It is known for producing national high-tech enterprises.

They are a second class manufacturer that holds over 3% of market shares in China. They’re known to develop and produce self-heating cables that are widely distributed throughout the United States and Europe.



The amount of research and development they conduct on their products, as well as production, is what makes them such a great manufacturer to deal with. They offer a wide array of heating products besides heating cables.

Their production line is fully automated, allowing them to produce more than 20 million meters of heating cables annually – this means you’ll have no problems with regards to supply.

And recently, they have started a new project and are planning to expand their production even further.


They are a relatively new company, only founded in 2007.

There might be hiccups along the way, but generally speaking, Anhui is a great manufacturer with high-quality products.


No.4  Jiangyin Senphus Electric Material Co., Ltd


Jiangyin is an established manufacturer of heating cables, as well as other heating products since 2008. They offer an extensive list of products, and they can churn it out relatively quick.

That’s because they have their alloy smelting factory with a first-class production line, as well as an advanced research facility, further improving the quality of their products.


No.5  Wuhu Xuhui Electric New Material Co., Ltd


Even though Xuhui only holds 2% of market shares, they are still one of the biggest manufacturers of heating cables in China.

They are always dedicated to improving their products through research. They’ve been producing self-regulating heating cables as well as constant wattage heating cables since 2010.

The company owns more than 30 national patents, which shows how dedicated they are in improving their products.

Their products are thoroughly tested and have passed the international standards of testing.


No.6  Taizhou Ruikan Electric Appliances Co., Ltd


Taizhou Ruikan is the result of the collaboration between China and the United States to start the world’s largest producer of heating cables. The company is engaged in conducting researching, developing, and manufacturing their electronics.

Their products are widely used in commercial and industrial settings, so they make sure that it’s up to the task through constant and intense quality control methods.


No.7  Wuhu Hengxin Electric Cable Co., Ltd


Wuhu Hengxin is the leading domestic provider and producer of heating cables, as well as other heating equipment. Their main product being the “Huaguang” temperature control, which is widely used in different industries.

The company is now slowly expanding its reach, accessing almost 20 provinces in China. It has successfully entered Japan, Northern Europe, Russia, and other international markets.


No.8  Hefei Minco Heating Cable Co., Ltd


Hefei Minco is situated in the city that’s considered to be the second most significant science and education city, Hefei, in the Anhui Province of China. The company has formed relations with some notable colleges in the town of Hefei as well as in Shanghai.

One important thing to note, though, is that Minco is not a manufacturer, but a trading company. This means they can’t offer you a favorable payment term as well as provide you support regarding the products.

The company strives to win the market with its advanced use of technology, as well as research and development, to produce the highest possible quality of products and do it consistently. The company continually tries to improve upon its past iteration, and it’s evident on how they take their customers to feedback to heart.


No.9  Anhui Youyu Electric Heating Equipment Co., Ltd


This company has been founded in early 2012, which is significantly young. Still, within a short period, it has gained 2% of market shares in China.

That’s only made possible because of the quality of their products, as well as production rates. The company has an 8,000 square meters’ production line that keeps churning out high-quality heating cables.

The company has its independent intellectual property that they continuously develop through professional research, engineering, designing, and the ability to construct and execute their ideas.


No.10 Dongguan City Schichang Industry Co., Ltd


Out of the ten companies in this list, this one is the most recent one that’s been established. Only started in 2011, this company managed to climb its way to the ranks quickly.

With their high-capacity production lines, hardworking staff, and advanced technology, they’re able to supply several customers at the same time.

The company is mainly focused on improving their heating cables, continually developing and improving it.

The company is dedicated to providing high-quality products as well as services to the entirety of Japan, Germany, and the United States, and are still slowly expanding their reach internationally.


Chapter 4.  Four Ways to Find Suppliers



Exhibitions or trade shows are usually a huge event – held in convention centers that accommodate tons of people, as well as loads of businesses and suppliers.

Research the exhibition’s directory – there, you can see quickly see if there is a supplier that you want to visit.

Exhibition directories will most likely have in-depth information about each supplier, as well as their capabilities and location. This will help you save an ample amount of time walking around the exhibition, trying to find a supplier.

Here’s a list of the Exhibitions that we’re planning to attend, which you might find helpful:


  1. AHR Expo 2019
  2. Aquatherm Moscow
  3. Neftegaz 2019
  4. Canton Fair


So why these specific expos? It’s mainly because the following exhibitions above are focused on the display for electronic tools and equipment as well as the building of automated services.

Companies will attend and take part in this expo, showcasing their latest creation – so the probability of finding a supplier is high.


Google Searching –


What’s more significant than an exhibition or a convention? You got it. It’s the internet!

Every single information available on any conference or presentation is one Google search away. Over the last few years, Google has been making our lives more comfortable and more convenient.

Any information that you want is a click away, and the same applies to look for suppliers.

Searching for suppliers using Google is more convenient and more comfortable rather than going on any tradeshows or events.

When searching around for suppliers, you’ll like to come across their website, which has all the information you need: their location, capabilities, contact information, and more.

One quick tip when Google searching is that you need to vary your keywords because some suppliers still haven’t adapted the idea of having websites, and if they do, some are outdated.

It’s best that you familiarize yourself with ways on how to make Google search more reliable and efficient.


Social Media

Social media platforms have become a platform for suppliers, manufacturers, and consumers alike.

People are using it to connect with other businesses to establish relations that will be beneficial to both parties.

If you know the right channels, where to look, and whom to look for, you’ll quickly find a supplier of goods for you.

If you’re on Facebook, join groups that are relevant to your industry. You can also look for eCommerce and groups for entrepreneurs.

As you chase leads, even if they are not the right supplier for you, make sure to ask whether they can point you in the right direction.

Being in the same industry as you, they likely know others or have vast networks and connections to different manufacturers and suppliers that might be a better fit for you.


B2B Website 

B2B websites are where businesses are allowed to make substantial commercial transactions with other companies – often done when a business is looking to source materials.

B2B or business to business websites is very prominent in China. This means you have a more massive shot of finding the right supplier for you when using said websites.

B2B websites are considered by many as a one-stop-shop for retailers, manufacturers, and wholesalers.

It’s the best way to connect with other businesses and also a way to find suppliers. B2B platforms create business opportunities for businesses all over the world, used by hundreds of thousands of companies daily.

This is where manufacturers often showcase their products, making it a lot easier for you to locate the supplier that you need.


Chapter 5. How to find a Reliable Supplier Online

Define Your Target


What we mean by defining target is that, choose the right channels that are appropriate for your business. How does your business scale, and how well can they supply you?

Does your supplier offer warranty services, and if yes, how long?

This should be necessary as shipping supply from their location to yours may take some time, and when you ship it back because of defects, it may no longer be covered by the warranty.

Do you also need to determine their capabilities, such as how many staff does they have employed?

Do they have a stocked warehouse? This is important to know because it enables them to supply you even at a moment’s notice.

And lastly, are you satisfied with working with them?

If you’re limited on budget, you can try the manufacturers that are under the top 3 and see how it goes. But if you’re willing to sacrifice a little bit of your budget to get higher quality products, by all means, choose anyone in the top 3.


Collect Suppliers on The Internet


The internet is full of valuable information regarding your suppliers and manufacturers; you need to know where to look for it.

There are many platforms in which you can gain valuable information about various suppliers and manufacturers on the internet — sources such as business forums, b2b websites, social media, eCommerce websites, and more.

You can also utilize the various search engines that are available to the public. Even a quick vague search about “Heating cable suppliers/manufacturers” can lead you to promise leads.




Finding the right supplier of heating cables in China is a tedious process. There are lots to choose from but have different factors to consider. Take your time to choose one and do your research.

Choosing the right supplier can either mean the success of your business or the downfall of it. Make sure to evaluate every manufacturer carefully and see if they meet your criteria.