HTP Heat Trace Wire

  • Medium-temperature Heat Tracing Cable for Industrial Applications;
  • The Continuous exposure capability is375°F (190°C);
  • Cutto any length;
  • No Overheat or burnout Even when Wrapped Over Itself(Overlapped);
  • Jiahong Provides Power Connection, Splice, Tee, End Seal Kits and other Related Accessories;
  • Suitable for use in Non-hazardous, Hazardous and Corrosive Environments;

Your Reliable Heat Trace Wire Supplier

If you are looking for a heat compensation solution, then you are in the right place. Jiahong heat trace wire is an industrial-grade medium temperature self-regulating heating cable. It is an ideal solution for containers, pipes, valves and several other applications with temperatures between 65°C and approx. 110°C.

Jiahong heat trace wires are suitable for use on supply voltage for both 110-120Vac and 208-277 Vac. Currently, we offer four different models: 5 Watts per ft. (17w/m), 10 Watts per ft. (33w/m), 15 Watts per ft. (45 w/m) and 20 Watts per ft. for both European and American markets. Other custom types are also available for your specific applications.

Jiahong is your reliable know-how supplier of heating cables in China. We not only provide high-quality products but also directly participate in the design and implementation of large-scale heat tracing projects.

Meanwhile, there are many other professional heat compensation solutions available to meet your applications.

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Why Jiahong’s Heat Trace Wires?

  • No.1 Heating Cable Exporter in Asia-Pacific
  • Over 25 Years of Manufacturing Experience
  • Support One Stop Sourcing
  • Complete Test Reports For Europe And America
  • Technical Support Team Assist Your Product Design
  • 10 Years Warranty Services
  • The only manufacturer that holds the Core Technologies in China


Heat Trace Wire


Jiahong Heat Trace Wire, also known as heat tracing cable, heat tape, is designed to provide heat compensation solutions for various applications. Its continuous exposure (maintain) capability up to 225°F (110°C) and intermittent exposure capability up to 392°F (200°C or 250 psi steam).

Heat Trace Wire and technique data

If you need to maintain the container, vessel, or pipes between 65°C and approx. 110°C, then this heat trace wire is your best option.

Hazardous Industrial heating cable 100℃ Power output curveCurrently, Jiahong HTP Heat Trace Wire has four different types for whole European and American markets:

5 Watts per ft. (17w/m),

10 Watts per ft. (33w/m),

15 Watts per ft. (45 w/m),

20 Watts per ft. (66w/m).

You can find their performance curve in the right.

Features & Benefits:

  • Adaptable heat output
  • High chemical resistance
  • Easy to install
  • Can be cut to length off the roll
  • Connection by plug-in connectors

Jiahong heat trace wire is suitable for use on supply voltages of both 110-120 VAC and 208-277 VAC.

HTP Tech Parameter

Typical Application:


Oil & Gas Pipes Frost Protection;

Industrial Process Temperature Maintenance;

Roof Gutter Snow Melting & Frost Protection;

And More.



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Maximum circuit length (in feet) per circuit breaker
Ambient temperature at start-up120V240V
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