Flame Testing Machine

The flame test machine is mainly used to detect each materials’ flame retardant properties in the heating cables. It is designed and tested in accordance with the IEEE 515.1-2012 4.2.7 standard. Also, it is independently designed and developed by our company. It is highly recognized by the Canadian CSA engineer.
The device uses imported key components and stepper motor control. It has the advantages of high accuracy, automatic timing, automatic end test, simple and convenient operation, beautiful appearance, etc. By the way, the technical indicators meet IEC-IEEE standard.
During the entire test period, the sample, equipment, and ambient air should reach mutual thermal equilibrium at a temperature of 25 °C ± 10 °C. The equipment consists of the control box, combustion box, wire sample fixture, blowtorch, solenoid valve, high-pressure igniter, wedge, flow meter, differential pressure gauge, induction head and thermocouple, gas pipe, pressure regulating valve, temperature sensing head device frame, and remote control, among other parts. The combustion chamber volume is greater than 4m3 with combustion box seal design. The blowtorch, flow meter, differential pressure gauge, induction head and thermocouple of the test device all use original parts required by UL1581.

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