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Constant Wattage Heating Cable

  • Heat Tracing, Frost and Ice Protection, Snow Melting, Floor Heating, etc.;
  • Can convert 100% of electrical energy into heat without energy loss;
  • Lower Installation Cost and Maintenance Expenses;
  • Match all Popular Thermostat in Europe and America;
  • Suitable for use in Non-hazardous, Hazardous and Corrosive Environments;
  • Custom Any Wattage and Length of Heating Cable According to Practical Applications, Free Packing Design.
  • Over 25 Years Warranty.
  • constant wattage heating cables
  • constant wattage heating cables
  • constant wattage heating cables

Jiahong’s Constant Wattage Heating Cable List

Jiahong Constant Wattage Heating Cable is a kind of regular wire cable used to produce heat. It has the same wattage throughout the heating process, regardless of temperature. It heats up through their conductor, and the conductor is its heating element as well. However, it cannot regulate the heat output by itself. Therefore, it generally works with a thermostat.

Jiahong Constant Wattage Heating Cables can be divided into two different categories: Series Type Cable and Parallel Type Cable. Series Heating Cable includes floor heating cables, deicing cables, snow melting cable, etc. The parallel heating cables are mainly used for industrial heat tracing.

Meanwhile, 100% product performance guarantees 25 years of use per cable.

Membrane Floor Heating Cable

Membrane Floor Heating Cables

Loose floor heating cable for membrane installation

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Electric heat Cable 1

Defrost Snow Heating Cable

Twin-conductor snow melting heating cable

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Series Resistance Heating Cable 2

ESF Series Resistance Heating Cable

Multi-conductor industrial heat tracing heating cable

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Parallel Circuit Heating Cable 1

FCW Parallel Circuit Heating Cable

Parallel circuit pipe freeze protection heating cable

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Storage Floor Heating Cable

Floor heating cables for thick concrete slab

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Deicing Cable 1

Roof De-icing Heating Cable

Roof and gutter snow melting and deicing cable

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Heat Resistant Cable 2

Pipe Frost Protection Cable

Outdoor water pipe freeze protection heating cable

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Floor Warming Cable 1

Under Tiles Floor Heating Cable 120v/240v

Twin-conductor floor heating cable for North America

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Floor Heating Wire 1

Under Tiles Floor Heating Cable 230v

Twin-conductor floor heating cable for Europe

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Mini-S UnderFloor Heating Cable 1

Under Tile Floor Heating Cable 230V

Single-conductor floor heating cable for Europe

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Skin Effect Cable 1

Skin Effect Cable

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Snow Melting Heating Cable

Outdoor snow melting heating cable

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Radiant Heat Wire 1

WFOH/D Radiant Heat Wire

Customized floor heating cable

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Jiahong’s Constant Wattage Heating Cable

  • No.1 Heating Cable Exporter in Asia-Pacific;
  • Over 25 Years of Manufacturing and Exporting Experience;
  • Complete Test Reports For Europe And America;
  • Raychem Audit and ISO2008 Audit;
  • Support One Stop Sourcing;
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Constant Wattage Heating Cable


Jiahong Constant Wattage Heating Cable is a kind of regular wire cable used to produce heat.

Constant Wattage is the most important feature of this type of cable. Because of this feature, we determine the length and diameter of the cable before production.

It has the same wattage throughout the heating process regardless of temperature change.

Any change in length affects the size of the resistor, resulting in a change in the heating power.

This change can have serious consequences, such as burning wires, causing roads and so on.

Therefore, the cable cannot be cut under any circumstances.


Jiahong constant wattage heating cables heat up through its own conductor and the conductor is its heating element as well.

Constant Wattage Heating Cables

Graphic: Constant Wattage Heating Cables

The resistance is mainly affected by its materials and is less affected by temperature changes.

Therefore, the heating cable will always heat itself when power is ON.


Jiahong Constant Wattage Heating Cable cannot regulate the heat output by itself.

For daily use, it is necessary to add an extra thermostat. Otherwise, it would burn out the cable or even cause a fire.

Jiahong Constant wattage heating cable is an energy efficient cable.

The inner heating resistor converts 100% of the electrical energy into thermal energy without any loss of heat during the process.

With the use of a thermostat, energy wastage can be effectively reduced.


Jiahong Constant Wattage Heating cables match both European and North American market standards.

Every country has various specific voltages, for example, 120V is for residential use and 240V is for commercial use in the US, but the European standard voltage is 230V.

Jiahong can make any constant wattage heating cables with any specific voltages.

Our heating cables are in many industrial supermarkets such as Raychem in these areas.

Jiahong constant wattage heating cable generally works for over 50 years.

Also, we may offer 15-30 years warranty for a specific heating cable.


According to the connection method of the inner resistor, Jiahong Constant Wattage Heating Cables can be divided into three different categories:

  • Series-Resistance Heating Cables
  • Parallel Circuit Heating Cables
  • Floor Heating Cables

Series-Resistance Heating Cable

Series-resistance heating cables are common in both residential and commercial applications.

The resistor is the cable’s conductor as well.

The cable heats up through its own conductor.

Series-resistance heating cables have many different structures: Single-conductor, Twin-Conductor, Tri-conductor, and others.

A twin conductor cable requires two parallel wires to be joined at the end of one end.

All these cables can’t be cut and they are usually pre-assembled.

After determining the resistance wire and its length, the total power and liner watts are determined.

The series constant wattage heating cable often contains three basic components: a bundle of high-resistance wires, the insulation layer, and an outer protective jacket.

The high-resistance wire is not only the conductor but also the heating element.

Copper alloy is an ideal material for resistance wire, which most international brands recommend.

The conductor insulation is usually made of fluoropolymer that has the properties of high temperature and high voltage resistance.

The protective jacket should be water, acid and alkali resistance.

And PVC and fluoropolymer are common materials for this layer.

All constant wattage heating cables have these three components.

In the civil and commercial applications, it is a requirement to add a layer of shielding against electromagnetic radiation.

Unless in special applications, where professionals oversee the process, cutting these series heating cable is not allowed.

It will make the total resistance smaller.

Thus, at the same voltage, the total power generated, or you can say the total heat generated, will be higher.

This can cause overheat and burns that could lead to serious safety problems.

Besides, without professional connection kits, you may not be able to connect the circuit.

So, the cable won’t work at all. Since they are generally not affected by varying ambient or pipe content temperatures – it provides a constant heat output.

Thus, thermostats or controllers are necessary in case of overheat that causes insecurity.

Parallel Circuit Heating Cable


Jiahong Parallel Circuit heating cable consists of two parallel conductors and a conducting material in between.

Parallel Constant Wattage Heating Cable

Graphic: Parallel Circuit Heating Cable

The conducting material produces even heating power (Watts/m) over the entire length of the cable.

The advantage of a Parallel Circuit heating cable is that they can be cut to length.

The termination is at one end of the cable. This kind of heating cable is widely used for large industrial pipe heat tracing.


Jiahong Constant Wattage Heating Cables are ideal for a lot of applications, including Residential Area, Commercial Area, and Even Industrial Area.

For example, in the residential and commercial fields.

The applications include floor heating, pipe freeze protection, roof & gutter deicing, driveway snow melting, etc.

In industrial fields, it is also widely applied in heat trace, crankcase heating, drum heating, hose heating, viscosity control, temperature process maintenance, etc.

Floor Heating

Jiahong constant wattage heating cables are used for floor heating system with two different types: Loose Floor heating Cable and Floor Heating Mat.

Floor Heating Cables

Graphic: Floor Heating Cables

The floor heating mat includes a heating cable woven into an adhesive-backed red fiberglass mesh that allows for simple roll-out installation.

The two heating systems are installed under the tile to produce the heat.

They can keep bathrooms, kitchens, and entryways cozy, dry, and safe to bring you warmth during the winter.

Floor heating mat is easy to install – just place it on the inner floor.

But the cables often need extra fixing accessories such as cable strapping and membrane.

Pipe Freeze Protection

Pipe Freeze Protection

Graphic: Pipe Freeze Protection

During winter, the daily metal or PVC pipe and downspout often burst due to a freezing of the internal liquid.

Jiahong constant wattage heating cable can heat the pipes to keep the internal liquid flowing thus, reducing the possibility of pipe bursts.

This kind of pipe heating cables is often pre-installed.

They simply need to be laid along the pipe and plugged into the power supply.

Do not overlap these type of cables during the installation.

Roof & Gutter Deicing

Jiahong constant wattage heating cables provide an affordable roof snow melting and gutter deicing solution.

These cables have a simple structure and have been used for a long time.

Combined with an intelligent thermostat, it can help you solve the disaster caused by the blizzard.

Driveway Snow Melting

Graphic: Driveway Snow Melting

Industrial Heat Tracing

Industrial heat tracing is the use of Heat Tracing Cables to provide thermal compensation to pipes or processes that require a specific temperature.

The application is often found in the oil and gas production, storage facilities, petrochemical plants, refineries, pharmaceutical production, power generation, water, and waste treatment plants, food processing, plus many others aspects.

Jiahong Constant Wattage Heating Cables are widely used on small diameter metal or plastic pipes, large-scaled and long-distance industrial pipes.

For Example, a series-resistance heating cable can be used for continuous circuit length to 12,000feet (3659m).



Every Jiahong constant wattage heating cable has been approved by UL, CSA, ETL, TUV, CE, ATEX, etc.

Meanwhile, it has a 25-year warranty.   All Jiahong constant wattage heating cables are usually delivered as a spoon.

And the normal lead time for a 40ft container is 25-35 days. We also support fast delivery for other regular models.


About Jiahong


Wuhu Jiahong New Material Co., Ltd. started making heating cables in 1993.

We focus on heating cable manufacturing and providing heating solutions.

Currently, we are one of the heating cable manufacturers with the biggest production capacity and output in the world.

The total cable we produced in 2017 is around 1.1 times the earth’s circumference (40,000 kilometers).

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