Underfloor Heating Mat Ultimate Buying Guide

If you are looking for a complete buying guide of the electric underfloor heating mat, then you are in the right place. This guide is from a professional manufacturer’s view, let’s jump to have a look.
Chapter 1: What is floor heating mat

Graphic: underfloor heating mat
You need to keep in your mind floor heating mats are […]

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Reply to the Heat Trace Ltd

This letter is to clarify all the vicious slanders and defamations to our marketing mode and qualities of products from Heat Trace UK. Jiahong HTM, HTLe, HTR, HTP and HTS series of products were all produced by Jiahong company in line with the company’s own core and patented technologies.

We never declare at any […]

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All Things You Should know about Self Regulating Heating Cables


A Detailed Description About the Self-Regulating Cable

The main reason why the self-regulating cable is more advantageous than the standard heating cable is because it cannot get overheated enough to cause damage to itself. Self-regulating cable systems offer protection against frozen roof gutters, burst water pipes, snow-covered walkways, etc.

Although very many people use this heating […]

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