All Things You Should know about Self Regulating Heating Cables

A Detailed Description About the Self-Regulating Cable

The main
reason why the self-regulating cable is more advantageous than the standard
heating cable is because it cannot get overheated enough to cause damage to
itself. Self-regulating cable systems offer protection against frozen roof
gutters, burst water pipes, snow-covered
walkways etc.  Although very many people
use this heating system in their homes, very […]

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Label Stickiness Detection Machine

The label Stickiness Detection Machine is mainly used to detect the continuous stickiness of tapes and notes. It is designed and tested in accordance with the UL 2049 standard. The machine is independently designed and developed by our company.
It is suitable for the adhesive test of pressure sensitive tape or label. The test plate […]

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Aging Testing Machine

The aging testing machine is mainly used to detect each materials’ layers weathering and life information of the heating cable. It is designed and tested according to the national standard GB/T2951-12-2008 standard. It is designed and developed independently by our company.

It is suitable for the heat resistance test of polymer materials (plastics) and electrical […]

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