Aging Testing Machine

The aging testing machine is mainly used to detect each materials’ layers weathering and life information of the heating cable. It is designed and tested according to the national standard GB/T2951-12-2008 standard. It is designed and developed independently by our company.

It is suitable for the heat resistance test of polymer materials (plastics) and electrical insulating materials, alongside insulating members. It can also be used for drying, baking, heat treatment, etc. of high-temperature precision constant temperature drying ovens (but not applicable). Drying and testing of flammable, explosive and volatile materials, such as testing wire and cable insulation or coated rubber test pieces which could compare the tensile strength and elongation of the test piece before and after aging.

The machine adopts hot air circulation mode to promote the aging of the test piece, and the inner box has good airtightness. It has an air box for changing the inner box, an upper limit over-temperature alarm, and an ultra-low protection function.

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