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    Heating Cable&Thermostat R&D Center:

    Wuhu Jiahong has over 10 years OEM/ODM manufacturing experience. Our OEM and ODM team of heating cable consists of professional sales consultants, technical consultants, product packaging design consultants, shipping and transportation consultants. Our OEM/ODM team of thermostats consists of 30 years design experience experts and professional engineers of software, hardware, and programming. You can get global unique intelligent thermostats.

    Till now, we have been direct or indirect supplier to more than 15 global supermarket chains like GE、Grainger、Leroy Merlin、Lidl、Home Depot、B&Q and so on.

    You will get what you want

    • Scale production, reduce costs
      We advocate lean production,waste elimination and saving cost.Creating truly valuable wealth to achieve a win-win situation with our customers.
    • Product innovation, promotion ability
      Share the overall competitive advantage with customers.Increase product line length to launch new products or deepen product lines to increase the variety of existing products. It increases the competitiveness of the enterprise in any way.
    • Rational allocation of resources
      The operation of OEM can more effectively allocate the limited internal resources, minimize the management level and improve the efficiency of operation management.
    • Experienced sales team
      We have several engineers with over 5 years’ experience offering professional technical support.We will reply within 24 hours,timely perfect sales and after-sales service, will exempt your extra worries.

    Service Process

    Production Capacity

    There are 15 sets of extruding machine,21 sets of high speed braiding machine,4 sets of wire grouping,7 sets of rolling machine,2 sets of plastic raw material dryer and 3 sets of material mixer in our workshop. We produce heating mats of 25 million sq. m and heating cables of 25 million meters one year. Our production capacity creates productive value 40 million dollars a year.
    • UL floor heating system-01
    • NSF Drinking water -Halar-01
    • MinimatD TUV Cert-01
    • JHSD&JHRD cETLus Cert-01
    • JHSD TUV Cert-01
    • JHSD CE Cert-01
    • JHDM CE Cert-01
    • IECEx Cert for HTLe HTR HTP HTS
    • HX SX JHSD JHRD Warmcable Warmmat CSA Cert 3-01
    • HX SX JHSD JHRD Warmcable Warmmat CSA Cert 2-01
    • HX SX JHSD JHRD Warmcable Warmmat CSA Cert 1-01
    • HTR UL Standard in safety
    • HTM&Anti-Frezze Star cETLus Cert-01
    • HTM kit sanitary Cert-01
    • FSPC ETL Cert-01
    • FCW IECEx Cert
    • FCW ATEX Cert-01
    • ET-21 CSA Cert-01
    • EAC Cert for heating mats-01
    • EAC Cert for heating cables-01
    • Defrost Snow CE Cert-01
    • cETLus JHRD Control IF1-01
    • cETL SX 4004224-01
    • cETL HX 4004224-01
    • CE Cert for TT16 ST31 ST16 MT26 JH-M-01
    • CE Cert for BHS HTLE HTM JHRD MinicableS SX HX TXLP-01
    • ATEX Cert for HTLE HTR HTP HTS-01
    • AFMAT CE Cert