Composite sampling tube

Trade Information

  • Brand Name:Jiahong
  • Place of Origin:Anhui,China
  • Min. Order Quantity:500m/model
  • Shipping Port:Any port in China
  • Lead Time:10-25 days after received payment
  • Payment Terms:100% TT in advance or negotiable
  • Certificates:None

Product description

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Technical data

Service voltage:220V

Power supply:220VAC /110VAC /380VAC ;50Hz


Conduit material:FEP、PFA、PTFE、PE、304 stainless steel、825 alloy tube

Heat tracing type:self-regulating heating cable & contant wattage series

Temperature maintenance:0-550℃

Sampling tube outside diameter:38±2mm、42±2mm、45±2mm


The most economical solution for anti-icing and maintain the temperature.

Our Service

1. Different kinds of finned tubes can be developed and designed according to your requirements

2. Weld able material: corrosion resistant steel, stainless steel, alloy steel

3. Applied range of the products: Boiler economizer\ Power plant waste heat boiler\ Petrochemical engineering and various heat exchangers

4. Top quality, competitive price, fast delivery, excellent service