SX HX cable-Snow Melting & Storage Heating Cables

Trade Information

  • Brand Name:Jiahong
  • Place of Origin:Anhui,China
  • Min. Order Quantity:20 pcs/model
  • Shipping Port:Any port in China
  • Lead Time:10-25 days after received payment
  • Payment Terms:100% TT in advance or negotiable
  • Certificates:CE,ETL,CSA

Product description

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General Information

SX & HX Cable

.Single point connection

.Twin-conductor cable

.Silent,efficient,and safe

.Emits zero EMF (electromagnetic fields)

.Easy and Flexible installation

.Durable construction

.10 years limited warranty

SX & HX Cable Specifications

Cable Construction:

Twin conductor

Rated Voltage (SX):


Output (SX):

12W/ft (40W/m)

Heating Element Size (SX):

35(10.7m) to 940(286.5 m)

Rated Voltage (HX):

120V, 240V

Output (HX):

6W/ft (20W/m) & 9W/ft (30W/m)

Heating Element Size (HX):

55(16.8m) to 680(207.3 m)

Bending Radius:

1.5" (38mm)

Cable Diameter:

1/4" (6.5mm)

Conductor Insulation:

Fluoropolymer and XLPE

Outer Insulation:


Max. Rated Temp.:


Min. Installation Temp.:


Cold Lead

20ft (6m) length

SX Electric Snow Melting Cable System

Installing a SX Cable Snow Melting System provides a permanent solution to the problems caused by cold weather. Improve safety by providing instantaneous relief from snow and ice and increase your bottom line by reducing the cost associated with applying chemicals, owning snow clearing machinery or hiring outside services.

.Ideal for driveways, parking lots, sidewalks, stairs, ramps, bridges and many other applications

.For use in concrete, asphalt, paver or stone and ceramic or stone tile.

HX Storage Heating Cable System

HX Storage Heating System is a thick floor heating solution. HX Storage Heating System is energized to warm a thermal mass below the floor surface. HX Storage Heating System is the ideal way to TAKE ADVANTAGE OF LOCAL ON-PEAK AND OFF-PEAK ENERGY PRICING. When the power system is in off-peak times, energy rates are lower. When

on-peak times resume, the HX Storage Heating System shuts off and the heat stored in the floor gently emanates across the floor surface for hours. The HX Storage Heating System provides an energy efficient and cost effective method of heating, in a clean and silent manner.

.Ideal for new construction and many other applications

.For use in concrete


Cable/Mat: 10 years limited warranty against defects in material, design, and workmanship.