Repair kits

Trade Information

  • Brand Name:Jiahong
  • Place of Origin:Anhui,China
  • Min. Order Quantity:20 PCS/model
  • Shipping Port:Any port in China
  • Lead Time:10-25 days after received payment
  • Payment Terms:100% TT in advance or negotiable
  • Certificates:None

Product description

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Repair Kits

The repair kit is for repairing heating cable that is damaged during installation of the heating cable/mat.The kit includesjumper wires to bridge the heating element after the damaged section is removed.The kit contents are sufficient to repair one damaged section up to 5 inches long.If more than 5 inches of cable has been damaged,the mat must be replaced.

Kit Contents:

                               Qty                                          Description
 A      2 Jumper wires(blue)
 B      6 connectors
 C      4 Heat-shrinkable tubing
 D      1 Ground wire(non-insulated)

Tools Required:

Wire Strippers 16-26AWG



Crimp tool

Heat gun

Multimeter(capable of 200k ohms)