ThermoLife-ET61/61W-Room Thermostat Wifi Avaiable

Trade Information

  • Brand Name:jiahong
  • Place of Origin:ANHUI,CHINA
  • Min. Order Quantity:100 pcs/model
  • Shipping Port:ANY PORT IN CHINA
  • Payment Terms:100% TT IN ADVANCE OR NEGOTIABLE
  • Certificates:CE

Product description

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Thermolife Room Thermostat wifi avaiable

Thermolife room thermostat is a smart thermostat used to control your electric under floor heating system.

Thermolife wifi thermostat  is the WiFi version for wireless-connection. You can download the APP on your smart phone to control the electric heating system remotely.

Thermolife room thermostat is recommended to control Jiahong electric floor heating system.

Main functions:

1. Time display

2. Key-lock function

3. Holiday function

4. Hold function

5. Sensor selection

6. Off time frost protection

7. Floor high temperature protection

8.Week program with each day programmable

WIFI connection(Only for Thermolife wifi thermostat)

Thermolife wifi thermostat will enter connection modes before network connection.2 connection modes: Smart connection mode and basic connection mode.Smart connection mode is the default mode. Under this mode, flashes quickly.

Setting: when is not flashing quickly, press ∧and∨ for 3 seconds, screen will display F1 and  flashes quickly.

Basic connection mode is the backup mode when smart connection mode fails. Under this mode,  flashes slowly.

Setting: when  is not flashing slowly, press ∧and∨ for 3 seconds, screen will display F2 and  flashes slowly.

Display symbols


Supply voltage: 85-265V 50/60Hz

Maximum switching current: 15A

Standby power: < 1W

IP rating: IP20

Wire diameter: ≤2.5mm2