Our Jiahong can do it


       First congratulations to our Jiahong team,we won the chemical project of Panjin Liancheng.We overcame many difficulties and create success.This is a very great significance to our Jiahong.Taiwan Liancheng Chemical industry is the biggest plasticizer production and marketing enterprises of the world.It  has 40 years since its establishment,it has 7 factories in the mainland.It used the imported heating products before,it never used the domestic products.It's the first time for them to using  domestic products,it's also the first step for our Jiahong brand to forward to the international brand.

       After getting the information of  the project,the northern region immediately set up a project team.The client became more and more trust to our Jiahong,recognizing our best technology program,dispelling the user's concerns about domestic heating products.Eventually defeated the main competitor for example raychem\thermon\bertec etc,successfully won the project.