MinimatS-Single Conductor Floor Heating Mat

Trade Information

  • Brand Name:Jiahong
  • Place of Origin:Anhui,China
  • Min. Order Quantity:20 PCS/model
  • Shipping Port:Any port in China
  • Lead Time:10-25 days after received payment
  • Payment Terms:100% TT in advance or negotiable
  • Certificates:CE,EAC,TUV

Product description

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General Information

MinimatS  Floor warming mat System

Combined the highest comfort levels with maximum energy efficiency. It’s a proven technology which is safe, reliable and energy efficient.

·Double point connection

·Single conductor with screen

·Very thin, only 2.6 mm

·Safety approved for wet locations

·Flexible installation

·Durable construction

·25-year limited warranty against manufacturing defects

The MinimatS floor warming system includes a yellow heating cable woven into an adhesive-backed red fiberglass mesh that allows for simple roll-out installation without worrying about cable spacing.

MinimatS  Specifications

  Cable Construction:

Singe conductor with screen

  Rated Voltage:



100W/m2 &150W/m2 (-5% to +10%)

  Cable spacing(standard):

100mm   & 66.7mm

  Cable Diameter(standard):


  Conductor Insulation(standard):


  Outer Insulation(standard):


  Max. Ambient Temp.:


  Min. Installation Temp.:


  Cold lead(standard):

Two wires plus ground braid; 2.5m length each

Ordering Information


Cable/Mat: 25 years limited warranty against defects in material, design, and workmanship.